Why and How to Create a Construction Video Timelapse

14 October , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
construction video timelapse

Whether you’re a construction company used to doing regular construction projects, or you’re a business having new premises built, you may want to consider a construction video timelapse

This kind of video has many different uses, and having one created for your project is something you’ll always be glad you did. 

But whether your construction is a large scale building in a metropolis like Dubai or a small one in a more rural location, they have one thing in common: timing. It’s very important to factor a timelapse video into your plans before you start the build, so if you’re considering whether to get a video like this you need to plan ahead and book an expert as soon as possible. 

Let’s take a look at why these kinds of videos are so useful, and how you can get one. 

What is a construction timelapse video?

A timelapse videography is one in which photographs are taken from the same point of view, at regular intervals, over a long period of time. These photographs can then be formed into a video which appears to speed up the process of watching a scene. 

You may have seen vital timelapse videos of things like flowers blooming, for example, which is a process we can observe happening over a long period of time but, when we’re watching it in real time it doesn’t appear that there’s much happening from moment to moment. 

Timelapse takes these very slow moving changes and speeds them up to show the process quickly, so we can fully appreciate the changes that are happening in front of our eyes. It’s sometimes only by seeing something grow or change at this speed that we can fully appreciate and properly observe the process we’re seeing.

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When used in construction, a timelapse video takes the gradual and careful work of construction a building – which happens over many months and sometimes years – and speeds it up so we can see it taking place in seconds or minutes instead. 

Even those who are well accustomed to observing or even working on construction projects will find this fascinating to watch. And for audiences who are not familiar with the process of construction it can be even more magical still.

This is especially true in somewhere like Dubai, where impressive buildings are being constructed all the time, adding to a skyline that is already beautiful and impressive to look at.

What can construction timelapse videos be used for?

Companies who have progress timelapse videos of their construction projects often use them for two main purposes. The first is internal communication. By showing your colleagues and stakeholders how a building has been created in your company’s name, you’re making a strong statement about how your company is growing. Watching a video like this can really boost staff morale and confidence in your business, which is always good for improving staff morale and productivity.

The second general use of a construction timelapse video is for external communications. When showing off a construction project on social media you may be simply showcasing your skills at construction, sending a very clear and simple message that this is something you do, and it’s something you do well. In this case a construction company can appeal directly to potential clients by showcasing their work in an artistic way.

Timelapse videos as valuable social media content

But there is another use for such videos which is more subtle. This is to create captivating content for your website or social media, even if you’re not in the construction business. This kind of timelapse video is fantastic for building brand awareness, because – when shot properly – a beautiful timelapse video is entertaining and engaging all on its own. Audiences online love to watch these videos, no matter what business is sharing them. This means you can have your brand attached to a video that’s shared and viewed many times online for its visual appeal alone.

This second use of videos as external communication can be a real blessing for your social media and marketing teams, because they will already be aware that brand awareness is about more than simply selling your products in a blatant and overt way. Potential customers expect brands to share content that is engaging and fun to watch, and if everything you post is a sales pitch it can really turn them off. That’s why a timelapse video of your new premises being built has so much appeal to your potential customers. 

How to shoot a time lapse video for construction projects?

So, if you’re already thinking a timelapse video could be perfect for you, what do you need to do next?

It’s absolutely vital that you bring in an expert team, first of all. That’s because these kinds of videos can be tricky to capture, you want them to look as good as possible, and you don’t get a second chance. The last thing you want is to set up a camera, have it running for months, and only then find out that the footage doesn’t look right or there has been any kind of error. It’s not as though you can scrap the project and start again, and that’s why we’d always recommend specialists for the job.

Once you’ve identified your timelapse video production company, they will discuss the project with you to work out how long it’s likely to take, and where they can shoot from in order to capture the very best angle or angles. Timelapse videos don’t have to involve only one camera, and you can have multiple cameras filming it from different angles or moving around the building as the project progresses. 

This discussion will generate a detailed plan about where to shoot from, when, and for how long. The production company will then source the best equipment for the job, and will do any negotiations with the owners of neighbouring buildings where they may wish to place the camera. Part of the production process will involve making sure the equipment is powered and running constantly throughout the project, and is capturing photos at the correct intervals in order to show the building’s growth. How many shots are captured each day or week will depend on how long the construction is likely to take, and how big it is. 

Once the construction is finished, the production company will remove the camera equipment and edit all the photos together to form the timelapse video. It’s then up to you how long you want the video to be, whether you want to set it to music, and where you want to share it. 

If you would like to speak to us about creating timelapse videos for your construction project, just get in touch and we’ll be able to help.


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Why and How to Create a Construction Video Timelapse

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