Timelapse videos are the contemporary planning tool of urbanization

07 October , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Timelapse videos are the contemporary planning tool of urbanization

Timelapse videos capture the bedrock of urbanisation and the ongoing construction process. Each component of urbanisation is through this medium. Not only are timelapse videos engaging and fun to view, but they also have immense commercial and business usage. This article will focus on the urbanisation process and see how Timelapse videos are critical for digital marketing and city planning.

Component 1 – Smart Cities 

The bright city concept is good urban planning that integrates advances in digital technology with new thinking in the age-old city concepts of community, relationships, participatory democracy, good governance, transparency and environmental sustainability. 

Such intelligent cities pivot on contemporary architecture and buildings of futuristic aesthetics. Timelapse videos capture the entire cycle as cities emerge in a multi-stage process. These videos are invaluable project inputs to civil engineers, architects, authorities, and city planners. They also find use in the marketing of cities and urban planning by the Government.

Component 2 – Buildings

We all know that landmarks are essential for cities. Landmarks create a sense of identity and represent to visitors the values and history of a town. Imagine a historic being created and captured in a 2-minute long video. The Timelapse construction video format makes this a reality. Skyscrapers celebrate a city’s success and advances in technology. The urban city planning of today conveys the message of sustainability, responsible living and green choices of tomorrow. Urban city planning ranges from aerodynamically designed glass towers to traditional landmarks with green solutions to state-of-the-art halls and tunnels. Timelapse videos capture all these mega construction activities and projects successfully.

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Component 3 – Technology

Innovative technology makes the world go round, and innovations with green technology in mobility, building, manufacturing, and energy change how people interact with and shape their environment. Technology innovations show the path to the future where LED lights illuminate traffic patterns, wearables direct us to the nearest hospitals, and city-sponsored bikes share lanes with electric cars. Innovations disrupt age-old trends opening avenues to new thinking and energy-saving alternatives like “green-roofing” and “lean manufacturing”. All this leads to S living, and if you want to capture these modern marvels of urban construction in videos, timelapse video is the answer.

Component 4 – Sustainability

This discussion on urban city planning and timelapse videos won’t be complete without a reference to sustainable living. Environmental sustainable development draws on concepts of tiny waste and lower consumption and switching to green and environmentally sustainable resources like wind or solar materials, which can be constantly up-cycled. That implies less carbon footprint and greener and healthier living spaces in urban centres—something which timelapse videos can incredibly capture.


Timelapse videos emerge as a quintessential tool in modern urban planning, offering a dynamic perspective on the evolving landscapes of our cities. As highlighted across various components of urbanization, from the rise of smart cities to the construction of iconic landmarks, and the integration of innovative technologies to promote sustainability, timelapse videos encapsulate the essence of urban development.

These videos not only serve as captivating visual narratives but also hold significant practical value for architects, engineers, city planners, and marketers alike. By documenting the intricate stages of urbanization, timelapse videos provide invaluable insights into the progression of projects, enabling informed decision-making and effective communication of urban visions.

Moreover, in an era where sustainability takes center stage, timelapse videos offer a powerful medium to showcase the transition towards environmentally conscious urban living. Through capturing the adoption of green technologies and sustainable practices, these videos inspire communities towards a more eco-friendly future.

In essence, timelapse videos not only document the physical transformation of our cities but also symbolize the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and progress driving urbanization forward. As we continue to navigate the complexities of urban development, timelapse videos stand as a contemporary beacon, illuminating the path towards more vibrant, resilient, and sustainable cities.


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Timelapse videos are the contemporary planning tool of urbanization

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