Why Should You Invest in Professional Time lapse Videos for Your Business

29 November , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Why Should You Invest in Professional Time-lapse Videos for Your Business

A timelapse video is a perfect medium to showcase the passage of time. They are immersive, beautiful, and timeless making them a perfect tool to improve your brand image. Unlike other forms of video, time-lapse offers a unique perspective that is still not being used in businesses. So, it’s a novelty for many consumers. 

We often say “good things come in small packages”, time-lapse videos are exactly that for any brand. Wondering how? Well, with an average attention span of 8 to 15 seconds, these smaller duration time-lapse videos are just perfect to hold the attention of your audience. Many businesses are already catching up on this trend for managing, marketing, and promoting their brand. If you still haven’t given a thought to including a time-lapse video for your business, there’s still time for you to reap its massive benefits. 

Still, wondering whether time-lapse videos are right for you or not? Should you hire a professional to make your time-lapse video? We will give you an insight into all this and so much more. Keep reading!

1. Is time-lapse right for your company?

Why Should You Invest in Professional Time-lapse Videos for Your Business

We understand that every business is different. You might think that other than the construction industry, time-lapse is not for everyone. But, we believe otherwise. A time-lapse video’s success and use depend entirely on the imagination of the creator. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of its versatility.

2. Who can benefit from time-lapse videos?

 While there are many ways a business can take advantage of time-lapse videos, there are some businesses that have already begun exploring this novel idea. Let’s look at some of these uses.

Who can benefit from time-lapse videos

2.1 Assembly of Products

Manufacturing and assembly of products such as automobiles, yacht, or airplanes in a one or two minutes time-lapse video make for fascinating viewing. These are the processes that only a few, who have been a part of the project have seen, which is why the video is bound to hold the attention of your viewers. You can use these videos to impress customers, business prospects, or potential new investors.

2.2 Documenting Landscaping Projects

A time-lapse is a great marketing tool for landscapers. It can capture the whole garden being built. You can upload the time-lapse on your landing page or share them to capture the attention of your potential clients. For creative industries that rely heavily on the creative process, offering a visual transformation of your idea is a perfect way to impress your potential clients. It gives them a clear insight into your creativity and capability, which is always better than handing over after-and-before images of the transformation.

2.3 Evolution of Construction Projects

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a project being built from the ground up all the way to completion. It’s also effective in building trust with current and prospective clients as the time-lapse video reveals every step of your process. Your construction company can also use these time-lapses to market them on your website, social networking sites and share them with stakeholders. 

2.4 Capturing Footfall

Sharing your success with current and potential customers helps build trust in your brand. Just imagine capturing an impressive amount of crowd in an event you organized, or the constant flow of customers in your store/mall over the course of a day. This kind of time-lapse footage can make a wonderful promotional video for your business. Such videos also increase interest in the events you organize.

3. Bring in the Experts

We already know that today, everybody is capable of producing their own content. But, believe us when we say that making time-lapse videos is not easy even if you have all the advice in the world. If you want stunning time-lapse videos for your project, then let professionals do the work. 

Shooting a visually stunning timelapse takes more than just setting up some cameras at strategic places. It requires planning and extensive resources. It is a delicate process that requires consistent care, monitoring, and maintenance; a process our time-lapse team is intimately familiar with at Studio52.

Professional Time-lapse Videos for Your Business

Let us give you an insight into what could go wrong if you don’t hire professional time-lapse makers.

3.1 Lighting Conditions

One of the most challenging variables in time-lapse photography is the lighting conditions. They keep changing throughout the day and night. If you think you can place the camera at a certain position and get a time-lapse. Well then, that’s not enough.

3.2 Changes in Weather

You also have the weather to think about. Scorching heat, unexpected rain, heavy wind, clouds are all your biggest enemies when it comes to making a time-lapse video. When you hire professionals, they have the experience, expertise, and the right tool to solve these kinds of issues. For example, our time-lapse cameras are highly adaptable to weather conditions ensuring that such factors don’t disturb the process.

3.3 Storage

When you begin shooting it might not seem like an issue, but soon you would realize that time-lapse are space hoggers. If you are looking for a beautiful time-lapse video, chances are you would be taking hundreds and thousands of HD quality photos, which can occupy a large amount of memory. And, if your project is hours or days long, then you are going to need loads of storage. If you are not saving the footage in RAW format, you would not be able to fix the exposure in the post-processing stage which can result in an amateur time-lapse video. However, time-lapse professionals have dedicated servers to manage all the data. They have the right tools and software to remotely send data to their systems making it a smoother process.

Construction Timelapse Camera

3.4 Power

Time-lapse videos mean shooting for long hours. You will need lots of batteries and if it goes off in between your footage might get lost or look incomplete. Hiring professional time-lapse makers like us means you don’t have to think about power backup solutions as our team uses a solar-powered camera.

3.5 Editing

Shooting is the easy part. The real deal is the post-processing of this footage. Not everyone has the eye to select similar scenes from the video, correct the exposure, remove the flickers, fix issues, etc like an expert. These videos give potential customers and clients an inside look at your projects, which will build their trust in you. A huge amount of value lies in post-production and video editing when it comes to creating high-quality timelapse video production. This is one step where if you go wrong, the whole idea of creative time-lapse collapses and you might even end up hurting your brand image.

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The idea of creating a time-lapse video can be quite overwhelming, which is why we always suggest working with professionals. Studio52 is available for professional time-lapse video production service in Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, and other middle east areas. If you are looking to capture a construction project, an event, renovation, art project, or anything else, just get in touch with us!


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Why Should You Invest in Professional Time lapse Videos for Your Business

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