5 Pro Tips for Hiring the Right Voice Over Talent

08 February , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
Hiring the right voice over artist

Being able to communicate verbally is a gift. Humans have the ability to speak, but not everyone can convey their message effectively, right? It’s not just about the words you choose to speak; the tone of your voice, pitch, rhythm, and a lot more go into making others understand what you want to say. 

Voice over artists hold great importance in the business world. Why? Because voice plays a critical role in numerous marketing strategies. It determines how customers perceive and treat you. This is why corporates are always on the lookout for the right voice to represent their brand. They need a voice that fits their brand’s goals and helps them build a strong connection with their customers.

Finding an Arabic voice over artist UAE that is just right for your brand is challenging. There are numerous factors you need to consider before hiring a voice over artist. We have explained a few of them in the list below.

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1. Match Your Brand

Is a soft and gentle-toned voice appropriate for a sports brand? No! Because people relate sports to high energy. Such a brand needs a highly energetic voice to attract all the athletes out there. A soft voice would be more suited to represent a fancy restaurant for fine dining.

Before hiring a voice over artist, reflect on the following questions: How would you describe your brand? Who is your primary target audience? What kind of voice would appeal to your target audience the most? Thinking about these points will give you an idea about the kind of voice you need.

2. Consider Project Requirements

A business needs voice over artists for multiple marketing mediums and activities. Therefore, only considering your brand is not enough when hiring a voice over artist. You should think about the requirements of each project individually too. 

Let’s say, for example, you need to make explainer videos. They would not require as much effort or skills as an animation video for gaming would. 

Although voice-over artists in UAE can handle different kinds of projects, it’s better to hire someone specializing in a specific arena for better results. You can ask for personal recommendations or browse the search engines to gather the best options for your project.

3. Ask for Samples

This is quite obvious, isn’t it? However, collecting random samples of a voice over artist can create confusion. The right way to do it is explained below.

  • First, create a feasible list of Arabic voice over artist UAE (take help from a professional Arabic voice over service)
  • Secondly, ask them to provide as many samples as they can. Listening to multiple samples from the same voice over artist will give you a better idea of their versatility. 
  • Thirdly, find out a sample that relates to the nature of your project. 
  • Finally, discuss your requirements with the artists you shortlist and ask them directly if they are skilled and equipped for the job just to be sure.

4. Take Custom Auditions

At this point, you should have shortlisted your options to just a few names. However, there is still a long way to go. Just because you liked the samples of some voice over artists doesn’t mean they will live up to your expectations. Some might not be as great as they sound in the samples.

So, how can you be sure that the voice artist you select will do the job right? Custom audition is the simple answer to this question. You do not have to send them the whole script; just give them a few lines of your script and request a recording. 

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5. Contact a Professional Voice Over Service

Finding the right Arabic voice over artist UAE can be a huge hassle if you plan to do it yourself. Why not hire an Arabic voice over service that already has a portfolio of amazing voice over artists? These firms do not only give you a voice that fits your job but also record the whole thing for you professionally. 

In short, they can give you a professional sound recording that matches your requirements perfectly. You won’t have to worry about selecting the right voice, arranging the needed equipment, ensuring that the artist follows the deadline, or anything else. 

6. Look For Work Ethics

Voice over projects are not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to get them done right. Even a little difference in the pitch can make you skeptical about the whole recording. You might even have to record multiple times until it sounds exactly the way you want. 

You may choose to work with an Arabic voice over service or find a freelance voice over artist yourself. Whoever you work with, just make sure they co-operate with you, listen to your feedback, and make necessary changes when needed. All in all, work with someone who makes your job easier.

Final Words

The search for the right voice is quite stressful. There are so many things to consider before hiring someone for the job. You have to find someone that matches your brand and project requirements. Moreover, you have to ask for samples and custom auditions. 

If you want to make things easier, hire Arabic voice over artist. It will save you from going through the whole process of finding and recording the voice over. Studio52 – Media Production Company, a UAE-based company, dedicated to audio-visual communication, can provide an excellent Arabic voice over service for your brand.


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5 Pro Tips for Hiring the Right Voice Over Talent

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