Engage your Callers with Telephone Hold Messages

Engage your Callers with Telephone Hold Messages

29 January , 2019 by admin

Customers calling for a query or information are the most potential consumers for business. That’s why the business sector focus to provide excellent support service to their customers. It’s essential to engage your customers over a call mainly during the hold. While the caller is on hold, its time for us to educate, entertain and promote our services. During the time on hold, we can engage the caller by sharing greetings and information about our product and services.

In case, nothing is playing while they wait on hold, they could assume they have been disconnected and hang up the call. Chances are more for them to search for an alternate provider for similar services. This will lead to loss of the potential customer. Telephone on-hold messages (THM) add a powerful extra dimension to your company and engages your callers from the outset. On Hold Message helps to upsell and promote your products and services which further aid you to win business and keep existing customers well-informed. In this update will give a brief of how THM can engage your callers during the hold time & also provides them with better customer support interface.

Wrapping time perception:

On Hold Message changes the perception of callers concerning wrapping time, making them believe that there wait time is less, comparative to the actual wait time. As per the latest studies, when the caller is on hold with the Telephone Hold Message and greeting to listen he thinks through 30 second wait time, it has been 15 seconds only. On contrary callers placed on hold without THM felt that same 30-second as 90 seconds of time on hold.

Enhance Customer Relations:

THM gives you an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customer.  As it helps in developing a customer-centric approach, that will present an attitude of care and attentiveness towards callers on hold which will make them feel that their Call matters to the organization.

Building brand identity:

THM let you create a powerful first and consistent impression of your brand to the callers. With this caller tends to connect with you effectively. As you’re offering dependable and robust support to your sales efforts.

Managing anxiety:

Telephone message has the power to entertain & divert the attention of your caller while they are put on hold. That’s why it’s important that you “get attention” of your audience. Pick up the right message for hold, and your callers won’t mind waiting for the operator to answer. Whereas blank hold time will make them much more unpleasant to deal with when they reach the concerned person.

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Engage your Callers with Telephone Hold Messages