Engage your Callers with Telephone Hold Messages

26 January , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Engage your Callers with Telephone Hold Messages

In addition to being a great communication and grievance redressal channel, customer support services are also a great opportunity to engage your customers. The time for which the caller is on hold can be utilized by the company to educate, entertain, and promote their services. Think of these on-hold messages as an extra sales channel, who requires very less training but delivers perfect presentations every time.

What happens in the absence of telephone on-hold messages?

It’s very much like when a customer knocks at your door, and there’s no one to open it. If there’s no message playing while the customer is on hold, after a few seconds, they could assume that they have been disconnected and hang up the call. It’s also possible that they start searching for an alternate provider for similar services, leading to the loss of the potential customer. 

Telephone hold message service Oman add a powerful extra dimension to your company and engages your callers from the outset. On Hold Message helps to upsell and promote your products and services which further aid you to win business and keep existing customers well-informed.

Let’s find out a little more about how telephone on hold message can engage your callers during the hold time & also provide them with a better customer support interface.

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Perception of Time Changes

Telephone on Hold Message changes the way callers perceive time, making them believe that their wait time is less, compared to the actual wait time. As per the latest studies, a caller listening to THM perceives the waiting period to be far less than the actual wait time i.e. if a customer has been on hold for 30 seconds, he would think that it has been only 15 seconds. On the contrary, callers placed on hold without THM for the same 30-second period felt that they have been on hold for 90 seconds or more.

Enhance Customer Relations:

THM gives you an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customer.  As it helps in developing a customer-centric approach, that will present an attitude of care and attentiveness towards callers on hold which will make them feel that their call matters to the organization.

Building brand identity

THM does not just build a powerful first impression for your brand but also, leaves a consistent impression on repeat callers. A well thought out THM enriches the customer’s overall experience with your brand, thus leaving behind a positive impression of your company and making them feel that as a company you are dependable and trustworthy.

Managing anxiety

Telephone on hold message has the power to entertain & divert the attention of your caller while they are put on hold. That’s why it’s important that you “get the attention” of your audience. Pick up the right message for hold, and your callers won’t mind waiting for the operator to answer. A dead silence during hold time will make them much more unpleasant to deal with when they reach the concerned person.

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Engage your Callers with Telephone Hold Messages

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