Amazing Benefits of Animated Videos for Your Business

18 September , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
13 Amazing Benefits of Animated Videos for Your Business

Have you ever considered adding animation to your video sales letters, explainer videos, or other media? You’ll be in good company, as many major corporations and successful start-ups have already harnessed their power to their advantage.

Curious about how animation can boost your business?
Let’s explore why animation remains a powerful and enduring force in the world of online marketing.

Brings Anything to Life

With animation, the possibilities for customisation and creativity are boundless. It offers an effortless way to bring any story or message to life—no need for extensive sets or special effects like in live-action. Let your imagination run wild! 

They Have a Universal Appeal

Remember when you were young, sitting in front of the TV, enjoying your favourite cartoons? Almost everyone has cherished animated shows at some point in their lives. But here’s the fascinating part – animation’s appeal isn’t limited to children alone. Just look at the explosive popularity of shows like Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, and Family Guy to witness how beloved this medium is across all ages. 

They Easily Explain Any Idea

Animation is the ultimate tool for conveying complex or abstract topics. Explaining intricate concepts like how dreams work or the mysteries of time in a black hole can be challenging with mere text and nearly impossible through live action. That’s where animation truly excels, illuminating the uncharted territories of knowledge. A perfect example would be the safety area, which is not easily explainable to everyone — just check out how we changed the complex safety language and made it easily understandable!x

They Deliver Emotions

Animation possesses a remarkable ability to blend emotion with storytelling, crafting compelling characters and narratives that deeply resonate with audiences. The fusion of sound, visuals, and story creates a potent mix that captivates viewers. For businesses seeking to engage their audiences on a profound and personal level, animation is a powerful tool to achieve just that. Just imagine how these could elevate your event videos, or deliver a certain punch with your product promotion! 

They Boost Conversions

Research indicates that incorporating videos on landing pages can boost conversions by an impressive 86%. Among various video types, animated videos stand out in captivating audiences and retaining their attention. Consequently, animated videos boast an exceptional conversion rate, ranking among the highest in marketing content types.

They’re Cost-Effective

Contrary to popular belief, modern animation is a cost-effective medium accommodating nearly any budget. Thanks to advancements in digital technology, producing animation has become swift, affordable, and without compromising on quality. Embrace the benefits of budget-friendly animation for your creative projects! 

They Boost Your SEO Efforts

Animated videos are a favourite of Google’s algorithms, and having them on your website can significantly boost your SEO, elevating your ranking in search results.

Engaging animations captivate viewers, enticing them to spend more time on your page watching the content. This extended visit duration enhances your site’s appeal to Google when it selects pages to display in its search engine.

Notably, studies reveal that search results featuring a video thumbnail can even double the search traffic, making animations a powerful tool to attract more visitors to your site.

They Help You Stand Out

The internet is undoubtedly flooded with video content, projected to comprise 87% of all internet traffic soon. Crafting exciting and engaging content can pose challenges in this highly competitive landscape.

Amidst the monotonous testimonials and demonstration videos, animation offers a remarkable solution for your business to stand out. With their boundless creativity, animated videos have a higher recall value, enabling your business to cut through the noise and leave a lasting impression.

They’re perfect for showing and explaining your brand in a brief moment, or getting someone to watch your product description in the YouTube ad section. Imagine what showing a video testimonial of your client could do! 

They Improve Your Reach

In today’s interconnected world of social media, information spreads rapidly, and anything can go viral, reaching millions instantly. A 2018 study revealed that social media and watching videos top the list of favourite internet activities.

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Audiences online crave creativity, and content that resonates with them will likely be shared among friends and family. When capturing hearts and captivating viewers, the animation is simply unbeatable. Its power to engage and leave a lasting impact makes it the perfect choice for creating share-worthy content.

They Build Rapport

According to HubSpot, half of consumers prefer video over other content types for marketing purposes. Video offers a personalised and interactive experience that resonates with audiences. The advantages become evident when combined with animation’s message conveyance and creative potential.

They’re a Wonderful Sales Tool

Imagine having a sales meeting. Which would captivate your audience more: a dull PowerPoint or an engaging animated video? The answer is clear! Using animations in meetings is a powerful way to convey your message to potential clients and seal the deal. Moreover, showcasing eye-catching animations at exhibitions is a perfect strategy to attract visitors and spark meaningful conversations.

They Help Them Understand You Better

When selling a product or service, ensuring your potential customers understand its value is crucial. Animation is the perfect tool to explain the purpose and function of your offerings.

Your company’s products and services are meant to improve your consumers’ lives. Through animated videos, you can effectively tell stories that showcase real-life examples of how your offerings will make their lives easier. A well-crafted 90 to 120-second animated skit can work wonders for your business, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and driving positive results.


In today’s competitive market, animated videos have emerged as a powerful asset for businesses. They not only captivate the target audience but also effectively communicate intricate concepts and boost conversion rates. By harnessing animation’s creative potential, companies can craft visually appealing content that substantially impacts consumers.

The versatility of animation enables businesses to convey diverse messages and ideas, and Studio 52 has been making it a perfect medium for marketing, education, and communication purposes. Take your business to new heights, and contact us today! Let’s create engaging and impactful animated content to co-create your brand success!


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Amazing Benefits of Animated Videos for Your Business

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