8 Best Practices for Corporate Portrait Photograph

31 December , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
8 Best Practices for Corporate Portrait Photography

We often say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but do we ever follow that? In this time where technology is at our fingertips, even before meeting you personally your potential client has already gone through the website, social media, and scoured all the information available about you in electronic media. Once, they put a face to your name, knowingly or unknowingly they have also judged you a little.

Your business is an extension of you. To put your best foot forward and get the conversation started, here are some tips for you. For this, you don’t need just any other photographer but “the” one who can capture you in the best possible way. So, how to get the best photographs, let’s find out.

  • A little background

Get to know the company or the individual a little better before you begin the shoot. For instance, if you are shooting for a law firm or a yoga instructor. The images in both cases should turn out to be very different from each other. For a law firm, the needs are going to be entirely different from that of a dance instructor.

  • The Purpose

The first and foremost thing for any photo session is the purpose. Find out what the client exactly needs. Will the pictures be taken for internal purposes, or included in a gift for the employees or will it go on a website, magazine, or social media? Before you begin you should be clear on the goal of this photoshoot. Do they need something formal or something relaxed and situational?

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  • The Preparation

It’s very important to prepare the location in advance. It must be clear and free of any distracting elements that could remove the focus from your subject. To add more personality to the portrait you can add the brand logo in a space that doesn’t interrupt.

  • Use Good lighting

Natural lighting is always the best choice for a good portrait. Sometimes you might also need to photograph outside the workspace. In that use good bouncers to play with the lighting. 

If you’re photographing inside the company, you’ll do so in a closed space. Under such circumstances, the best thing is to choose artificial lights such as the softboxes. Using these, the lighting will not generate shadows on your clients.

  • Pay Attention to Wardrobe

The choice of wardrobe is a fundamental aspect of any corporate photography. The dressing must be elegant with neutral tones and not flashy. For women, makeup should be as simple as possible and of a matte tone to avoid too much brightness in the face.

  • Natural Pose

A natural photo looks much better than a forced posture. Make sure that your client is posing naturally. Find a position for your subject that’s comfortable and where they look good and natural at comfort with their surroundings. Even though corporate portrait photography is of formal nature, you can forego extreme seriousness, and go for a soft smile will give it more originality.

  • Pictures the Products

Some clients would not only need to take pictures of their employees but also of their products. If this is the case, remember that what wants to be sold is something tangible. This is where the aesthetic of the image stands out. For that reason, use good lighting and try to make the product shine.

  • Save your file in multiple formats

Once you are done with the work, make sure to save your files in various formats. The best quality can be used for printing, while the one with moderate quality can be used to share on social media or a website.

Great corporate portraits leave clients and prospects with a positive impression. So, make sure to follow these little aspects to ensure that your client keeps coming back for more. For more queries on corporate portrait photography, you can always contact us at Studio52!

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8 Best Practices for Corporate Portrait Photograph

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