IVR Greetings for the Holiday Season

IVR Greetings for the Holiday Season

12 December , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
IVR Recording for New year & Merry Christmas wishes

Interactive Voice Response Systems or IVRs are one of the most effective ways to interact with your customers. This technology has innovated the customer service industry with automated audio content.

Here at studio52, we have voice artists for different industries. Medical, government, real estate, and even banking services. We can help you greet your customers with the best holiday wishes this season. We do not doubt our ability to capture your company’s voice.

IVRs can help in product awareness, promotional messaging, and even building customer relations. What better way to wish your customer a Happy New Year than right at the stroke of midnight? Why have your customer service representatives spent hours on hold when you can make use of AI technology? It may be your chance to one-up your competition in the market. Companies can leave an impression on their customers this festive season.

IVR Dos and Don’ts

Season’s greetings can provide you with a way into people’s hearts during this winter. Research conducted in the UK shows that >80% of the people like a brand based on its customer support. The holiday season brings with it the need to spend money and what better time to send out Christmas wishes?

We are here to help you navigate through the clutter and put out an effective IVR recording for your customers. There are things you need to avoid while you craft this message.

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The message can begin with a jingle or a beloved holiday song to get the customer’s attention. You can provide options for your customer to hear about your services or the deals you offer. Brands even use this service to get customer reviews at the end of the year by giving them a menu to choose from.

Too Many Options

If your message consists of way too many options for the customer, they might get frustrated. They should be informed of the extension for any emergency concerns. You can lay out the types of emergencies. If there isn’t one, the customer should feel free to call after the holidays are over.

Call-back Option

A subtle way to get customers to contact you through a holiday wish. The message can be a reminder to renew or acquire your services. Start with the season’s greeting and give them the option of calling back when your operations are up and running again. They should know that their voice is being heard and you will be available to them right after the holidays.

Music and Tone

When a customer calls the helpline, the first thing they hear is your greeting or they may listen to it while on hold. This needs to be entertaining enough to make them stay on call patiently. A beloved jungle or a childhood Christmas carol might be an excellent choice to accompany the message. The festive season is all about celebration so join in and bring a unique cheery greeting for your customers.

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Components of the Message

The message should have a personal toughness in spreading the holiday spirit but must stay true to its purpose. There can be a multitude of purposes, such as informing the customer of store timings, availability of customer support, new packages and deals, etc. Here are the things you can educate your customers about through these IVRs:

  • Company holidays and renewed business timings for the holiday season
  • Contact information in case there is an emergency
  • The company’s social media to go to for further information
  • Starting or ending the interaction with a holiday greeting for New Year’s or Christmas
  • Precise and tangible information to avoid confusion
  • The exact date from which your operations will start up again, so the customer knows when to call

50% of customers prefer engaging IVR greetings for improved self-service usage. Let Studio 52 craft captivating IVR greetings for you!


Sample Holiday Wish IVR

Happy Holidays! We are happy to cater to you at [company’s name]. Our employees are currently on holiday with their families and the office will be closed from [date] to [date]. You can contact us starting [date] on our regular working hours [time]. We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season. It was a pleasure to assist you today. Seasons Greeting!

Voiceover Artist

In case you plan to use an in-house voiceover artist, we can help with providing the talent. Studio52 houses artists that can speak in a variety of dialects, languages, and accents for all types of needs. They are well-versed in making clear, helpful, and impactful audio content.

Closing Messages

In case your business or store remains open during the holiday season, you may benefit from a welcoming or closing holiday greeting. The season’s wishes can play at the end of each call, in case your helplines are active. This can be a way to maintain the holiday spirit within customer interactions.

Difference between holiday greetings in the US vs the UK

The people in the UK are very precise with their holiday wishes that mainly consist of “Merry or Happy Christmas” while adding “a Happy New Year.” Opposed to this, Americans mostly greet each other in a more generalised way by saying “Happy Holidays.”

For the people in the US, this season brings along other festivities such as Super Bowl Sunday. Companies in the US need to incorporate these events into their wishes as well. In the UK, most companies have a smaller window for working hours and greet their customers with polite wishes during the winter.


Whether you’re a fan of IVRs or not, they are key to maintaining customer relations. Giving your customer the best experience with your company can be the holiday gift you give yourself this year. Invest in an IVR holiday greeting to spread the Christmas and New Year Joy.

It is the time to make new customers while solidifying your current customer base. We can make the perfect message for you to send out this festive season. To employ our services, you know where to find us. In the spirit of everything, Happy Holidays to you too!

40% of customers made decisions based on IVR info. Optimize your IVR greetings for more sales!



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IVR Greetings for the Holiday Season