Ultimate Tips To Improve Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry

18 September , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
Ultimate Tips To Improve Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry

Working in the oil and gas industry comes with its share of risks. It’s no wonder that it is one of the more dangerous occupations worldwide. However, the industry has been striving to improve, and statistics show a positive trend in workplace safety with reduced fatality risks.

In 2019, the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) reported 25 fatalities spread across 22 separate incidents. While any loss of life is a tragedy, the numbers show a slight improvement from 2018, when there were 31 fatal incidents.

So, how can companies ensure they meet the industry’s safety standards? Let’s explore some effective strategies to enhance safety practices and protect the well-being of your workforce.

The Most Prominent Fatality Causes

One significant area of concern is the so-called “caught in, under, or between” incidents, which resulted in 12 fatalities in 2019. While it’s positive to see fatalities decline, too many lives remain on the line.

The industry still has a long way to go and must take serious steps to reduce these numbers even more. The incidents cause immense pain and suffering for the victims and their families, but they also tarnish the industry’s reputation.

This comes secondary, but the accidents also take a toll on productivity and finances. According to the IOGP report, the companies surveyed reported 21,899 days of work lost due to injuries.

The focus should remain on creating a safer working environment and minimising risks to protect the people involved and to keep the industry thriving.

Ways To Improve

Let’s dive into some practical steps to enhance safety and minimise hazards in this dynamic industry. How can we take daily strategies and steps to make the oil and gas sector a safer place for everyone involved?

Develop a Safety Program That Brings Workers on Board

Let’s create a workplace where open communication and mutual respect thrive! Who better understands the ins and outs of an oil rig’s risks than the individuals who have faced these challenges firsthand? Let’s take a personal approach to safety training, giving workers the time and space to get to know everything and each other. One such idea is personalised safety training videos. Just like the one we made for Foresight

When we build stronger personal connections among team members, we’re not just fostering trust but forging a sense of camaraderie that makes all the difference. Together, we’ll remake your rig into a place where everyone looks out for one another, with a supportive and secure environment for all.

Work With Local Emergency Services

Let’s strengthen the bond between the oil and gas industry and local emergency response services to create a safer working environment! When emergency responders, rig hands, and company health and safety professionals work hand in hand, they become a formidable force ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way. 

By fostering better communication and cooperation, they can pool their resources and expertise, ensuring swift and effective responses to emergencies. 

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Employ Housekeeping Rules

How about decluttering floors, pathways, and work areas to prevent trips and falls? Even the most minor hazard triggers shouldn’t be ignored when striving to make a safer workplace — these small things can quickly become more significant problems. Keep an eye on health and safety data to gain valuable insights into potential risks and devise a plan to address them effectively.

Implement Workplace Familiarity

Safety training is a must for all workers. Employees should have a firm grasp of their role, be aware of potential hazards, and know how to take necessary safety precautions. Effective communication of procedures and hazards to new workers is key to keeping everyone informed and safe. Personalised safety training videos can make a difference in keeping our workforce well-prepared and protected!

Monitor Mental Health

A positive workplace culture is vital for safety. It fosters a sense of community and trust among workers, where everyone feels free to voice their opinions and concerns. This way, the employees are more inclined to ask for help, follow safety rules, admit mistakes, and seek advice. It’s all about building a solid, caring team that looks out for one another!

Develop an internal HR team that is always there to talk to, track and record any problems the workers can report, and allow for a healthy flow of information.

Implement Proper Signs

Labels and colour coding are superheroes in workplace communication! They help direct, warn, and share important info with our hard working crew. By colour-coding materials, tools, and equipment, we can make everything a breeze to find!

Keep an eye out for worn-out, hard-to-read, or outdated signs. It’s crucial to replace them with fresh, clear ones. And don’t forget about our floor markings! Give them a little touch-up when needed to keep our workplace running smoothly and safely!

Implement Safety Checks and Maintenance Routines

Now, let’s talk about those mighty machines! Out on the offshore rigs, they’re lifelines for our hard working crew, miles away from the shore. To keep them running like clockwork and ensure the safety of our workers, regular maintenance checks are the name of the game! Preventing premature machine failure is key to a smooth and secure operation. Let’s give the machines some care and love they deserve!

An In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) Is a Must.

Let’s hit the road to safety! In this industry, accidents while driving or riding in vehicles are a serious concern. We’ve got our eyes on the road, monitoring driver behaviour like pros! By identifying any issues and bad habits, we can pinpoint where improvements are needed in our vehicle safety programs. Forklift safety cameras are one tool that can help us with the effort. Safety first, always!


Safety videos are real game-changers in the oil and gas industry! In the bustling Middle East, where this sector plays a significant role, it’s vital to tackle safety risks head-on. And one prominent tool these days comes in the shape of safety training videos. 

At Studio 52, our team is seasoned in producing top-notch animated safety videos! Our talented animators and developers are all geared up to create savvy industry-relevant content in various formats. 

So, let’s join hands and make workplace safety a breeze! Reach out to us, and let’s take your safety game to the next level!


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Ultimate Tips To Improve Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry

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