How On-Hold Messaging Can Engage Customers and Sell Products

23 February , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
How On-Hold Messaging Can Engage Customers and Sell Products

Every day, customers are waiting on hold for customer service or sales inquiries. Instead of tuning out or hanging up, what if we could engage them during their wait?

On-hold messaging allows businesses to keep customers entertained and informed while waiting for a representative to answer the call. This messaging can increase customer satisfaction, promote products, and increase sales.

Let’s look at how this works. 

Why Use On-Hold Messages?

On-hold messages serve two primary purposes—to inform and engage callers while they wait. In addition, this type of message helps businesses maintain a positive customer experience by providing helpful information like store hours or promotions. It helps build relationships with customers.

By providing engaging content that helps pass the time, customers are more likely to appreciate their experience even if you have put them on hold for an extended period. It allows businesses to communicate their key messages and upsell products while a caller is waiting on hold.  

How Can On-Hold Messaging Sell Products?

Make more sales with on-hold messaging by following these tips:

Promote special offers

On-hold messages are an effective way to promote special offers to customers. By using these messages, you can increase the chances of customers making a sale by informing them about promotions and the benefits of taking advantage of them while they wait on the line.

Cross-sell related products or services

On-hold messaging is a creative way to upsell or cross-sell products and services. By using on-hold messaging, businesses of all sizes can quickly communicate their existing products and services in a unique and informative way without tying up resources or sales staff.

It allows potential sales leads and customers to receive information about products quickly and gives them more value for the time they spend waiting to speak with the company.

Businesses can use on-hold messaging to increase awareness of products and services while building a stronger relationship with their customer base.

Increase Brand Visibility

It is an effective tool for increasing brand visibility and consumer engagement on the phone and letting them know why they should choose you over the competition.

This message can include promotional offers and advertisements, which are short enough to keep people on the line while they wait while increasing brand awareness.

Using on-hold messaging can inform customers of customer service policies and help reduce any confusion that could lead to additional calls and inquiries. In addition, it can be great for raising your company’s profile and gaining customer loyalty.

Show Gratefulness

It’s easy to thank your existing customers for their loyalty, provide helpful information about products or services, and even advertise any special offers you may be running.

Personalized Interaction with Customers

On-hold messaging is an effective way for businesses to personalize the customer experience on the phone. It’s an excellent opportunity to convey your company’s mission and values and make customers feel special by including product offers tailored just for them.

With on-hold messages, you can reach out to customers on a deeper level and create a bond with them on the other side of the line. Plus, on-hold messaging saves time and energy with automation – it provides callers with all the information they need in a fraction of the time.

Otherwise, an employee would explain individually on each phone call. This way, you can enjoy satisfied customers and increased loyalty while customers benefit from a more personalized experience on their calls.

Provide Tips or Advice About Your Products or Services

According to an estimation, on average, a customer on hold listens for over 1 minute. In that time, you can use on-hold messaging to highlight key features about your product or service that you want your customers to know.

Use this opportunity to efficiently and quickly inform customers on how best to benefit from products or services – helping them feel more informed and connected with the experience of using your company.

Provide your customers with advice, tips, and creative communications tailored to what works best for them.

Build trust with your customers

On-hold messaging provides an excellent opportunity to show customers you value their time and business. In addition, by utilizing on-hold messages, companies can deliver timely updates on promotions, services, and customer experience initiatives that can help build trust.

These on-hold messages should include your company’s name, contact information, a brief message on the expected wait time, and a call to action on where the customer can find more information.

It can be especially beneficial for customer service departments, who sometimes have to put customers on hold for extended periods. On-hold messaging makes them feel like they are in good hands and educates them on what services you offer.

Showcase the expertise of your staff

Instead of playing classical music on repeat, on-hold messages with short clips from existing staff members can highlight their experiences, skills, and accomplishments.

It increases customer retention by giving them an impression of the depth and quality of your business’s offerings.

It helps businesses effectively use on-hold time and enables them to take advantage of every opportunity to deliver critical messages without adding additional air time on other forms of media.

Boost Sales

You can boost sales by highlighting any promotions or discounts you may have available, whether it’s free shipping, discounts on specific orders, or something else.

Highlighting these promotions in an on-hold message helps encourage people to take advantage of them before they expire. In addition, it is a compelling reminder for current customers who may not be aware of the special offers you’re running.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

On-hold messages can make a big difference in customer satisfaction because they allow customers to interact with your brand more personally than ever before.

Instead of hearing silence while they wait for someone from customer service to pick up the phone, they hear informative messages that keep them engaged and entertained while they wait for a representative.

It helps create positive experiences with customers that ultimately translate into higher satisfaction ratings—and more sales!  

Bottom Line

On-hold messaging has emerged as an effective tool for engaging customers while they wait for representatives to answer calls. This type of message provides helpful information like store hours and product details and allows businesses to upsell other products and services by informing consumers about special offers and discounts available.

With creative on-hold messages tailored toward each business’s needs, you can provide a better customer experience while making more sales.


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