Top 5 Reasons to Live Stream Events

12 January , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
Live Event Video

Without a doubt, streaming has put itself as one of the top content platforms over the last few years. However, it still has a lot of growth and potential to reach, so don’t stay out of the game. Many people have done a lot of streaming in plenty of areas. Sporting, educational, cultural, conferences, and government events are a few of the many types. It’s the best way to spread your content all around the world. As time passes, many more people watch streaming videos, and 2019 is an example of this. So in this article, we’ll give you the top 5 reasons to live stream events. Let’s begin:

  1. Social Media Boom

social media boom

It’s impressive the amount of time that people spend on social media. In 2017 alone people spent an average of 135 minutes a day searching many apps and pages. To see the growth of this, in 2016 the average was 126 minutes, so there’s a definite increase. This development happens because many enterprises present tools to attract us more. So far in 2019, people have spent even more time on social media. This gives you a perfect opportunity to spread your content via streaming. It can be done on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube, you name it.

  1. People Are Searching For Live Content All the Time

live content

Have you noticed that live videos on many platforms are showed in our timelines all the time? There are even notifications that pop up to notify us. Well, this isn’t a coincidence; all social media platforms are prioritising live events above traditional content. Even enterprises are choosing to make advertisements and exclusive corporate presentations via streaming. They leave traditional content aside because they know there will be more engagement with the public. Plus, the viewers have the possibility of commenting and sharing the stream with their friends.

  1. Nowadays Professional Streaming is Very Easy

video streaming

Nowadays, anyone can stream content. All it takes is to see how Facebook Live works to know that you’re on the air with the press of a button. However, one thing is to stream personally from your phone and another to stream big professional productions. But don’t be afraid, since that is also quite easy given the numerous tools available to you.

  1. Being Able to Share and Comment

share and comment

In August of 2017, NASA streamed a solar eclipse which had an audience of 85.9 million. However, a big part of this number was thanks to the people who shared the video through social media. It all has to do with something that’s key in live streams: the previously mentioned engagement. People feel significantly more excited when they watch video live. Being able to interact with the stream and with the audience is key.

  1. HD Streaming

HD Live Streaming

No one likes to watch a stream of low quality. But thanks to years of development in the streaming ecosystem and Internet speed, quality is more than acceptable. Especially if we compare it to previous years. Before, most live streams had a quality of 320p or 480p. Nowadays it’s very common that the minimum is 720p.

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Without a doubt, the live stream world is growing constantly. So it’s the perfect opportunity to dive in and take advantage. If you need more guidance regarding this topic, feel free to contact us at Studio 52.


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Top 5 Reasons to Live Stream Events

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