Keep your employees up to date with a news video

26 May , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
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Well informed employees are more effective. More importantly, they are less likely to screw up. If business is going well, you’ll likely have a lot to share with your employees. Your executives will be busy dealing with clients, delivering the news personally to every department will just take too much time. Lucky for us, there is an elegant solution to this issue. You can make sure all your employees are up to date with company news with the right video.

Let’s go over the reasons why you want corporate news videos. These are a versatile tool that can serve many functions for your business. You might be used to memos or emails, however, some news deserve a little more attention. They might be very visual in nature, they might be too important, needing reinforcement. Here are some usual cases.

Broadcast safety reports

A great way to display your long-standing commitment to safety. These will ideally show your HSR Director giving a rundown of last quarter’s safety statistics. Safety news videos will create a sense of accountability, making your employees take your safety policies even more seriously. These are also a great place to inform employees about updates on policy or new kinds of PPE.

Reinforce performance goals

News videos are a great way to call extra attention to company goals. Making sure your employees keep striving to reach those goals should always be a priority. Using a video to remind them how they did last quarter and what’s expected for this one, will help keep them in the right mindset.

Remark important events

Recording noteworthy events, such as assessments, special maintenance, starting a project phase, important visitors, or any other interesting occurrence will keep employees engaged. Just like with safety reports, keeping your employees on the loop with assessments and maintenance will make them feel more accountable with their tools and responsibilities. These videos are also a great place to show external activities, that way you’ll get more out of marketing and PR campaigns.

Employee capacitation initiatives

Have you ever heard about an employee that was too capable? We all want more prepared and efficient employees. You’ve probably figured this out already and started capacitation initiatives. Maybe you run a few seminars every year, some might go as far as covering the cost of full courses. Still, these will do little to help if your employees are not motivated to take them. Displaying these initiatives in your safety video will bring them more attention and authority.

Planning your news videos

Now that you know all the perks you can get from corporate news videos, it’s time to start thinking about development. The first thing you should think about is the release frequency. It’s important that you broadcast videos consistently, that will build up expectations and make them more effective. We usually recommend quarterly videos, but this could vary depending on your company size and industry.

Once you’ve defined your frequency and calculated your production budget per video, it’s time to define the style. There are many creative options to present your news videos, you should choose one that reflects your branding. The most important point regarding style is the need for dynamism. An ideal news video will project motion, novelty, and progress with its style and its content.

After that, you need to write the script and start production. Here are some development tips Now, if you want to make sure your news videos are a hit, the safe bet is letting experience professionals handle production. Schedule a free consultation, call now. +971-4-454-1054.


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Keep your employees up to date with a news video

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