How to Film in Dubai?

19 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
How to Film in Dubai - Studio52

One must understand the process of applying for a Film Permit in Dubai. It is vital for any individual filmmaker or a film production company(both domestic and international)to follow the process in letter and spirit.

Process-Approving a Script

The script of the film must receive approval before obtaining a film permit. Arabic productions must apply for a license with a full hand in Arabic. All other shows must submit complete scripts in English. Even if a small portion gets filmed in Dubai, the entire script needs to be submitted.

In films and TV serials, the final approved script must include the itinerary of the scene shots and each location or scene intended for filming. No further changes shall occur once the final version is available with the application form to DFTC. 

While Arabic scripts should be in Arabic, other language scripts should be in English. The film’s script should not insult or demean the culture and history of the United Arab Emirates. It shall not film scenes that may reflect unethically or negatively upon political, economic or ideological issues.

Filming for Individual and International Companies

Individual and international companies need to submit their script; however, they should hire a local production house. One might cancel a script request after submitting it, but it is impossible to adjust an already submitted request unless expressly directed by the Commission.

It takes 25 business days to get a film script approved by the Commission.UAE working week is Sunday to Thursday. Public holidays including weekends, do not fall under business days. You will get an intimation from DFTC as soon as a script is approved. Your script will be a strictly confidential document for DFTC.

Dubai and Film Permit-Licensed Media Partner for Film Production 

‘Is Tom Cruise shooting Mission Impossible 7 In Dubai? Or was Shahrukh Khan spotted in Dubai for his next film shoot. Here it is everyday news that makes headlines often. The reason?

The best in the film business across the world make a beeline for Dubai. 

Shooting in the majestic land of Dubai is the dream of filmmakers and production companies worldwide. However, it seems daunting whom to contact for permits to the best shoot locales in Dubai, vehicle arrangements for transit to remote shooting locations and other such hassles!

Leave the hassles for us. Film Permit is the licensed media partner of the Government of UAE and will ensure that your film production experience in Dubai is as smooth as possible.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Studio52 Group. Film Permit Dubai is well-networked and will ensure that you get film permits for audio-visual production, either in some of the best public places or on premium private properties in Dubai. Film Permit is extremely well-organized to get you access to both indoor as well as outdoor shooting.

Apart from that, we will ensure vehicular arrangements with expert drivers and organise shooting schedules for you. With us taking care of your shooting administration, you will never miss a program or face cost overruns! We will help you plan adequate equipment so that you never overshoot your budget.

What are Film Permit services and recommendations for film production in Dubai?

It is more of a checklist that will help you tick your boxes when selecting a media partner for film production in Dubai.

  • We will arrange permits for indoor and outdoor shooting in Dubai.
  • Taking videos and clicking pictures without consent is a punishable offence in Dubai.
  • Sharing online video footage without permission is an offence in Dubai.
  • You cannot transfer video footage of Government sites and military institutions.
  • You will need express approval to shoot for films at the Airport.

Film Permit has worked with domestic and international film production companies in Dubai with 100% customer satisfaction. We ensure your films are made within your estimated budget and are resourceful to assist you in myriad ways.

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How to Film in Dubai?

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