Film Permit is a capable partner for a smooth filming experience in Dubai.

21 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Film Permit is a capable partner for a smooth filming experience in Dubai

Fantasy of filmmakers

Often dubbed as the World’s entertainment capital, Dubai presents breathtaking attractions, a significant draw for filmmakers worldwide and captures their imagination over an extended period. The city boasts of over-the-top sights, megastructures and a scintillating desert. Thousands of moviemakers who produce movies in diverse languages and genres select Dubai as their film shoot destination.

Be it Vin Diesel jumping over buildings in a sports car or Tom Cruise smoothly sliding down one of the tallest hi-rises of the World, one thing is sure. Dubai brings fantasy to life.

Snapshot of Famous Movies shot in Dubai

Hollywood has developed a fascination for Dubai and filmed over 50 major movies in the last decade. Some of the more accomplished are:

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt calmly glided down the 163-story Burj Khalifa located in the heart of Dubai. It was a spectacle for the ages, and this stunt became famously known as the “Mission Impossible Dubai” stunt he famously performed himself, from a height of 1700 feet. This movie also has few shots from other famous locations of Dubai like Zabeel Saray, Armani Hotel and Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai boasts of futuristic structures and buildings and is renowned for its modern architecture worldwide. Jeffery Chernov produced Star Trek in 2016 displayed this with the wanton abundance had significant portions filmed in Dubai. Yorktown in this movie was Dubai, and we all loved its futuristic look.

Stephen Gaghan’s blockbuster political thriller is a must-watch. Apart from the ensemble cast, the mindblowing desert landscape of Dubai was on full display and stole our hearts.

No one can forget the luxury scenes of this Hollywood blockbuster shot in Dubai. The extraordinary scenes shot here are memorable, and moviegoers the World overlapped them up with gay abandon.

Permission for filming in Dubai

Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) is the single point of contact for obtaining permits for film shooting in Dubai. It is applicable for filming on any government, private-owned or public property. The UAE government regulations require any film unit to shoot in Dubai to obtain a prior shooting permit. Licensed media partners of the DFTC can only apply for such shooting permits. Otherwise, you have to hire a company that is a certified media partner.

The DFTC aims to grant permission for the shoot within five working days of online application. In case it requires more than five days to grant permission, the DFTC lets you know that. Exclude all public holidays for this purpose. The same rule applies to non-scripted shoots also.

Film Permit In Dubai

Film Permit gives the creative luxury to focus entirely on the filming process. At the same time, we get indoor and outdoor filming permits, manage your transport and even arrange for local talent for small-time acting gigs in your film production.

Film Permit is 100 % owned by Studio52 Group and partners with world-class film production units to complete filming projects in Dubai.

Our management focuses on keeping your film production budget on a tight leash, and we are masters at sticking to daily schedules.

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Film Permit is a capable partner for a smooth filming experience in Dubai.

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