5 Ways to Create an Effective On Hold Message Strategy for your Business

02 February , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
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As stipulated on many occasions, employees are one of the most important factors of a business. However, there is another equally important factor: customers. After all, their interest in your business is what keeps it afloat. Therefore it’s very important to give them plenty of options and solutions. Living in the digital age, many agreements and purchases are made on phone calls nowadays. Equally common is that many businesses leave customers on hold during those calls.

It’s no secret that nobody likes to be put on hold. It happens very often that customers who call are confused by the silence on the other side of the line or eventually get bored. This time is important to win or lose a new customer. This is why it’s your responsibility to create an effective on-hold message strategy for your business. So get ready, because we’ll give you the best tips to achieve it:

Take Advantage of a Potential Client’s Time By Saying Something Relevant

Remember that the time a customer waits is gold. Silence is an unacceptable option. In addition to being a wasted opportunity, it causes frustration in customers. Unfortunately putting them on hold is necessary. Use this time to say something important, keep it simple. It all depends on the type of business you own. What is your schedule? What areas do you serve? What products and services do you have to offer? Remember that callers are practically captive clients, so up to 15 seconds can be very valuable. Take advantage of time. Say something important.

Don’t Mention Being On-Hold

This is like the first rule of this topic. Don’t mention to the customer he’s waiting, he already knows. Instead, take the opportunity to say something else with more value. Something like how important their call is. If instead, you say that you are putting them on hold for attending other clients, you won’t calm them down, you will irritate them.

Don’t Apologise

This is commonly confused with common courtesy, but this is far from the truth. When making a call, the client doesn’t expect an apology, he expects someone to answer the phone. It’s very acceptable to thank them for the call, but apologizing makes them feel they are in limbo. The purpose is to entertain them until they forget that they’ve been waiting.

Advertise Your Products and Services

The waiting time is the perfect opportunity to let your customers know about the products and services you offer. If you are a hotel, talk about Premium suites. If you are a dealership, talk about the variety you have in vehicles. If you are an Internet service, show the multiple speeds you have.

Keep Up with Trends

The world changes day by day. People, weather, hours, products, and services. We’re constantly evolving and that’s why your messages also have to. Be sure to provide fresh messages with new and updated content. You must rotate your advertising content to create an effective on hold strategy. It’s also a good opportunity to put some good on-hold music. If you want to understand this type of genre to the fullest, we recommend this article:  The Many Requirements Of Hold Music, A Genre For No One.

Those are the best tips we have to offer to create an effective on hold strategy for your business. The key for a business to grow, apart from the employees, is the customers. Always make sure you keep them satisfied and happy in every aspect.  We recommend you check out What Industry Insiders Say About Electing An Audio Platform For Business Enhancement. 

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5 Ways to Create an Effective On Hold Message Strategy for your Business

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