Health and Safety Videos: No More Wounds!

18 April , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
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Every organization from any industry is obliged to follow the compliance related to health and safety of the employees and every individual associated with it. Some industries have high risk due to their complex production processes that involve risky tasks. Oil and Gas Industry is highly relatable to the significance of ensuring Health and Safety of employees. A changing world has seen the increased the demand for fuel for decades. How much emphasis should this industry put on the safety of its employees? The answer is — a lot.

That is why several oil and gas firms are adopting measures to educate and train their workers to be safe at workplace. Health and Safety videos for oil and gas industry can become important tutorials for the workers as well as other employees.

So, the question arises why you should invest in safety video production. Well, there are multiple reasons for this. Let’s look at them:

1. Health and safety video production is one of the most convenient ways to achieve your organization’s goal of providing safety training for your employees. It is just as important as having a health and safety officer working at your company.

2. The safety videos ensure employee familiarity with the sites they work in. During the training period, these videos will help your employees understand their individual and collective roles around the place. They will be educated about work hazards they might face and safety precautions they should undertake.

3. Work in the oil and gas industry involves exposure to toxic material more often than you may expect. In these cases, your employees must go through rigorous training for their own safety. The safety video production is easy to make and help control mishaps instead of dealing with any health hazard that occurs during work hours.

4. You must have safety officers monitoring everything 24×7. But investing into safety video production makes the job of your officers easier. The videos alleviate the need for your safety officer to train your employees on a regular basis, providing safety orientation programs to every employee. A lot of your company’s time can be saved in this way.

5. Including maintenance procedures in the videos will make your employees more aware of how to handle their tools and machines, and keep them secure. This saves time and stops health hazards at the same time.

Communicating visually is more effective rather than long lectures and descriptive booklets. All the risk factors and their precautions are easier to show with videos. Your employees must be aware of the risks involved in their jobs and how to tackle them. So, if you still don’t have videos regarding health and safety of your workers, it is high time you consider producing it.


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Health and Safety Videos: No More Wounds!

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