5 beginner mistakes to avoid in Timelapse photography

27 October , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
timelapse photography

Timelapse is very important. Since a few years ago, it’s one of the most used techniques in photography. If you have not done it yet, you might know someone who has. Maybe someone that plays with this technique in his or her spare time. Now, before getting started, you must know a few important things.

There are many common beginner mistakes avoid in timelapse photography that can be costly when you’re creating time-lapses. You could make some atrocious mistakes in the heat of the moment. Mistakes that you notice once you check the material you have captured. Your goal after reading this article is to try to avoid them at all costs. Ready? Let’s begin, then!

1. Picking the wrong place.
2. Not protecting the lens.
3. Get distracted and neglect the camera.
4. Not leveling the tripod.
5. Thinking you have everything you need.

In photography, practice is everything. Now you know the many mistakes you should avoid. So take everything you need, from your camera to something to eat, and be patient. The practice is the only way you will learn. Here at Studio 52, we will wait for you to show us your results! For more tips and guidance on mastering time-lapse photography, visit our page on Time Lapse Camera Tips 2024


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5 beginner mistakes to avoid in Timelapse photography

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