How to optimize corporate videos on different social networks

How to optimize corporate videos on different social networks

01 September , 2019 by admin
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Optimizing video content for your marketing strategy is very important. People watch more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day. YouTube reaches more viewers than any cable network in the United States. That’s in the coveted demographic sector that ranges from 18 to 49 years.

A report indicates that Snapchat has 10 billion video views every day. While these are large numbers, the amount of video marketing continues to increase. Video tweets increased by more than 50 percent in the first half of 2016. Cisco predicts that nearly 1 million minutes of video content will go through global IP networks every second by 2020.

If you haven’t incorporate video in your digital marketing strategy you will be left behind. However, due to the number of videos that appear on the news list of social networks. Some planning will be necessary to ensure that the content of your video is not lost among all the noise. We will start by analyzing some general principles of video marketing. Then, we will study further the specific optimization strategies that work best for each network.

Get attention immediately 

Browsing the news of social networks is an overwhelming mobile activity since the time spent on social networks mobile is 63 percent for people over 50 to 78 percent for people 18 to 34 years.

This means that you mainly face users who browse through a long list of news on a small screen. You only have a little bit of time to attract their attention. Facebook and Nielsen data show that 47 percent of the value of a video campaign comes from the first three seconds of the video and 75 percent comes from the first 10 seconds.

Because most video marketing plays automatically, viewers see the beginning of your video without having to press the button to play. The above allows you to see your content thanks to the impressive and striking images.

Try vertical videos

Thanks to the fact that most of the activity in social networks occurs on mobile devices. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube have incorporated vertical video formats. This makes the most out of the viewing area on mobile devices. That way, viewers don’t have to turn their screens. Especially if the demographic sector you are targeting is young people. Who, do almost all of their browsing on social networks from their mobile devices. It is worth trying vertical videos on all networks to see how they perform.

Watch viewers who watch videos without sound

Most video marketing that plays automatically do so with the sound turned off. A study by Digiday shows that most people, up to 85 percent, never activate the sound. If it is necessary to activate the sound to your video so that it can be understood you will not have the opportunity to arouse interest in most viewers.

This means that it is important to create a video that defends itself without audio. Emphasizing any visual component to make it attractive to the eye. You should also incorporate subtitles or text that shows any message that requires words. Take advantage of automatic descriptions where they exist (such as the automatic Facebook descriptions tool) or add your own. But, consider creating videos that show most of their meaning through the visual.

Choose your thumbnail wisely

Autoplay may be predetermined, but users have the option to disable this setting. Also, it may not work if the user has a bad connection. This means that your video needs an attractive thumbnail image to prompt users to click. So, don’t keep the default image. Look at your image options to ensure that the image shows the value that users will get if they play the video.

Now that you know all the strategies of how to optimize your videos on social media, what are you waiting for? Get started!

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How to optimize corporate videos on different social networks