7 Fundamental Tips for Corporate Portrait Photography

10 November , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
Corporate Portrait Photography

In a business or company, one of the most important things is the image. Through it, you try to catch the attention of potential customers. With corporate photography, many businessmen try to put themselves on the map. For this reason, they need a photographer to get the job done. In this article we will present you with tips to do corporate portrait photography:

  1. Study the company’s characteristics and get good corporate pictures

Before starting with the corporate pictures, the best thing to do is to have a look at the company’s characteristics. When you have all the info clear, the next thing will be to know what to do with the pictures. If the images are going to be for publicity, websites, magazines or social media.

Ask if the pictures will only be made for the staff, the facilities, some situations or specific products. It should be decided on a meeting which is the main goal of this work.

  1. Prepare the studio where the work will be done

To begin with the corporate photos, it’s required to prepare the studio in advance. Space must be clear and not have distracting elements or objects. If you want a specific feature, you can put the brand logo in a space that doesn’t interrupt.

  1. Use good lighting

Like every picture, the best will be to use natural lighting. Some companies request to photograph outside the workspace. You’ll just need some help from good bouncers to play with the lighting. 

If you’re photographing inside the company, you’ll do so in a closed space. The best thing is to choose artificial lights. To do this, you will have to do the session with the help of light softeners such as softboxes. In that way, the lighting will not generate shadows on your clients.

  1. Choose appropriate clothes

There’s no doubt that for corporate photography, clothing is a fundamental aspect. For this session, participants must dress elegantly. With neutral tones and not flashy. Regarding makeup, it has to be as simple as possible and of a matte tone. This way you avoid too much brightness in the face.

  1. Achieve natural poses for your models

Clients must pose naturally. You don’t need to force their posture or make them do a specific gesture. It’s true that this type of photography is formal, but don’t overdo it. Don’t ask extreme seriousness, a soft smile will give it more originality.

  1. If it’s required, take pictures of the products

There are clients that not only need to take pictures of their workers. They also want to take pictures of products. If this is the case, remember that what wants to be sold is something tangible. This is where the aesthetic of the image stands out. For that reason, use good lighting and try to make the product shine.

  1. When your work is done, save your files in multiple formats

When you’re done, remember to save your files in various formats. One of very good quality, if printing is required. Another with moderate quality if you want to share it on social media or a website. 

So there you have it. Top important tips to make corporate portrait photography. If you have any more doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us at Studio 52!


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7 Fundamental Tips for Corporate Portrait Photography

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