How to use Radio advertising to promote your brand

04 March , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
radio commercial

The radio has been around for over 100 years now, and it’s still picking up the pace. Report by the UK Internet Advertising Bureau state that 1 in 4 people is online while listening to the radio. Radio advertising has been a consistent form of advertising and marketing to listeners across thousands of stations around the world.

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More recently, we analyzed that many local businesses get benefit from a dedicated radio marketing strategy. With radio ads, a business can effectively target their key audience. You need to associate a voice with your brand to reach millions of passive listeners via this medium. The key to a successful radio advertisement is to target the right demographic, on the right station, at the right time.

Radio is the best reach:


radio advertising

According to Nielsen, 93% of UAE Population tunes into radio every week. With 1.9 million people tuning in for 18 hours a week. Radio is actually a platform with a wide user spectrum with immediate distribution of your ad without any additional effort on your part. Therefore, Radio branding can be an excellent way to boost your ad campaigns and enhance your branding strategies.

Capturing the Niche Market:

In UAE, there is a wide range of radio channels of a different genre. This provides scope to marketers to target the key audience confined to a niche market by opting the appropriate channel.

Voice of your brand:


brand voice

Radio commercial is the voice of your brand which allows you to speak openly to your listeners. As listeners build an image of your brand based on your voice, attitude, music, and a message associated with it.

Sales Magnet:

Your brand can be amplified through your marketing approach. You can watch your sales grow, your brand message will spread, and your existing customers come back for more, all without breaking your budget.

Here’s how you can leverage radio commercials to reach out to your audience. The traditional approach of radio advertisement, if executed properly will enhance your brand image & leave a positive impact in the mind of your target listeners.

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How to use Radio advertising to promote your brand

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