Time Lapse 2017: Revolution in Construction Industry

03 March , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
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What is Construction video?

Construction video is recording or documentation of the process of construction.

What is TimeLapse Production?

Time lapse production is the latest technology in which the frequency at which films are captured is much lower than that used to view sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing.

What is TimeLapse Construction Video?

Presentation of months of construction in few minutes in video format is time lapse construction video.  In fact, the main objective of time lapse video is to view events occurring over a long interval of time in a short period.

Why TimeLapse Construction Video?

In simple words, because there is no substitute of timelapse construction video.


TimeLapse Construction Video

Timelapse video production can be considered as one of the most revolutionary tools or resources for construction industry in 2017 and even after that. Apart from highly advanced technology, competitive price, high quality and ease of use make time lapse video a convenient tool for construction companies.

Today, when each construction company is in the race of presenting themselves superior, construction video (time lapse) help you strengthen your portfolio and showcase your work in a unique way.

But you must be thinking how? What is so different about time lapse constructions video?

  • Automated Time Lapse

The process of time lapse video is automated. So, these videos are automatically created as per the schedule you set.

  • Live Video Streaming

You can do remote monitoring of activities going on your site from anywhere, anytime.

  • Construction Ventures

In any kind of construction video time lapse play a vital role. The construction ventures can be from residential to institutional & commercial to industrial to civil engineering or construction for special purpose.

  • Storage

Hi-Res images and videos are stored on cloud automatically. It can be shared with stakeholders whenever you want.

  • Movable

From one construction location to another location, these cameras cab be moved easily.


construction video production company

That’s how time lapse in construction business is a necessary tool to communicate more in less time with greater simplicity and clarity and an experienced construction video production company can give you wings for growth.

If you are looking for time lapse construction video service to bring your presentation out of clutter, Studio 52 will be happy to get associated with you.

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Time Lapse 2017: Revolution in Construction Industry

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