Why would you use radio advertising?

27 August , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
radio ads

Reasons why radio ads are still relevant

You might think that online media channels are displacing conventional ones. However, investing in radio is a good for your brand as ever. 

Radio never dies 

Radio is a media that never dies. Even though it may seem that people do not consume it too much it is always there. That’s why we wanted to make sure you knew about the perks of radio ads, don’t miss out!

Maybe some people will tell you that the radio is a waste of time and money. But the radio still is our companion. It was our first social media. Think about that, today you can interact on your favourite radio programs with a tweet,  message, and even a call.

Radio is the king of the local. Particularly for advertising. It’s one of the most flexible forms of media. In only a day you can change the copy of your advertisement. There are a lot of ways to make a radio commercial and creating it is not expensive. Definitely, radio is one of the best forms of advertising in your local area. 

Nowadays people are constantly moving from one place to another. It can be by car, train, bus, bicycle or any public transport. It is difficult to find someone down the street without helmets or without listening to the radio in their car. This means that even if it does not have an audience comparable to TV or social networks. Radio is still alive! Especially during peak hours of work entries and exits.

Loyal customers 

The audience on the radio is very faithful. For that reason, it is easy to place the messages on the most interesting strip of the advertiser. This is a very effective advertising pressure, which, makes the investment profitable to the fullest. 

The higher number of impacts with a lower budget 

Radio media indeed has certain disadvantages. After all, It lacks images. However, the continuous repetition of the message can generate a great impact. If this message is attractive, it can remain with your consumer for a long time. Radio is a very profitable media because the advertising pressure is constant and the number of impressions is usually high. 

The credibility of the announcer gives you a plus 

Another interesting feature of radio advertising is credibility. A faithful follower of any program will have the members of the radio space as influencers and opinion leaders. So if it is that speaker who recommends a product or service, your costumers will surely pay more attention to the message and therefore be more receptive to it.


Never forget that the radio is very close to the point of purchase. Radio is there to remind consumers about your products and services. When they are walking through a store, restaurant and everywhere. That is the biggest objective of the radio. So radio is where consumers are. 

You must know the radio is social. Live radio will always work and be a viable advertising medium. Maybe the radio is not the first thing people think of. But everybody has a radio. It is when everyone is in that you begin to pay attention to it. Radio can surprise you.


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Why would you use radio advertising?

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