Dubai Expo 2020: How Video Can Help You Reach & Inspire Your Audience?

20 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Dubai Expo 2020: How Video Can Help You Reach & Inspire Your Audience?

Dubai is all set to host the first-ever mega-scale multinational World Expo in the Middle East, Africa, and South Africa (MEASA) region. Dubbed as the biggest event in the world, Expo 2020 Dubai will be a celebration of human brilliance and achievement. With just a few weeks to go the excitement is building up so we are here to get you as ready as can be. Are you ready for Dubai Expo 2020, which promises to be the event of a lifetime?

The grand event will consist of 60 shows every day, 191 country pavilions, and more than 200 restaurants at the venue. More than 200 participants including countries, corporates, and different multinational institutions are participating in Expo 2020 and more than 25 million visitors are expected.

Participating in an event like this helps your company stand out in a crowded marketplace. Wondering how? Whether you are a sponsor, organizer, or participant, events like these offer a unique chance to interact with your customers or investors on a more personal level. Having a direct interaction like this is invaluable to fostering a long and prosperous relationship. If done right it can also be one of your most impactful marketing channels. Let’s look at the stats to understand it better:

  • 74.5% of B2B marketers use conferences/trade show booths to acquire customers. (Marketingcharts)
  • 44% of marketers experience a 3:1 ROI from event marketing (Statista)
  • 75% of content marketers thought that in-person events are the most effective marketing tactic. (Ideal Path)
  • 74% of event attendees say that they have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, or service being promoted after the event.

So, how do you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at Expo 2020? The answer is – VIDEOS.

We have worked with hundreds of businesses involved with trade show events in increasing the benefits and ROI of their effort with video projects. We all know that for any large-scale meeting, implementing audio-visual elements plays a major role in displaying information. However, there are other equally important aspects of video production which are sometimes overlooked and omitted from planning. Hiring a video production company as your synergistic partner would add value and help you earn additional revenue for your company. Here are a few examples of how you can use videos to make the most of Expo 2020 Dubai:

  1. Brand Story Video

Incorporating videos in your booth is very easy. You can display your video using tablets, kiosks, touch screen monitors, video walls, projectors, etc. Using these display options you can explain what your business does so your sales rep doesn’t have to waste their time explaining it to every visitor that comes your way. Create a video that tells the story of your brand to catch the attention of potential buyers, media and investors.

  1. Presentation Videos

Seminars, talks, and presentations are a common form of content being presented at any expo or trade show. For such presentations a presenter spends months preparing and rehearsing the perfect presentation. But, sadly even after a month or even a week down the road, it’s very likely that only a handful of people would remember what was said. Partnering with a video production company allows the content to be documented and distributed via social media or company websites. You can also live stream these presentations online via Facebook, Instagram, and others, to large audiences who couldn’t attend.

  1. Sneak Peeks

Before any event, you can build excitement by sharing a sneak peek of any demonstrations you might be doing. Highlight your team in a way that’s fun and inviting. You can share such videos on your social platforms or on a specially designed landing page for the expo. Getting the conversation started before the show is a great way to illustrate why attendees should be excited to visit your booth and learn more about your product or services.

  1. Live Stream Video

Live streaming is one of the newest and one of the most loved styles of video today. Make use of it to live stream important sessions and behind-the-scenes style videos. You can also include live streaming of different events and interviews that the company is taking part in at the event. Events like the Dubai expo are going to have the perfect confluence of suppliers, clients, industry experts, and media all together at the same time and all primed to speak. Live streaming sessions with all these people can be hugely beneficial for your company.

  1. Promo Videos 

If your event is going to launch a new product or simply expanding, create a video to promote it. Share the promo on your social platform, emails, or company landing page to drum up anticipation.

As you can see including video production in your marketing plan can help you achieve more at the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020 or any other trade show, it’s time you act. We have been covering big and small events like these for more than 4 decades now and as one of the top video production companies in Dubai, we know the area like the back of our hands. Reach out to us today and together we will formulate a plan to ensure you benefit the max out of this once in a lifetime expo.

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Dubai Expo 2020: How Video Can Help You Reach & Inspire Your Audience?

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