How To Get Filming Permits In UAE And The Gulf?

15 October , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
How To Get Filming Permits In UAE And The Gulf?

If you are thinking about shooting a film in the UAE and the Gulf, it is very important to know that the government there have very strict guidelines regarding filming. These guidelines need to be understood and followed, so as not to get into any trouble or face any legal issues. The Film Commission takes care of granting permits for filming in the UAE and the Gulf. It also monitors all the activities regarding filming in this region. Whether you need to shoot a movie, documentary, corporate video or TV show, you need to obtain a filming permit license in Dubai, UAE or the Gulf or you will have to pay a very huge amount as fine.

Studio 52 can help you get filming permit in UAE and the Gulf quickly, with minimum paperwork and without any hassle. You just need to reach out to us and understand the procedure, submit the required documents and act accordingly.

Documents Required for the Permit

  • Details regarding production
  • The script of movie, documentary or TV show to be filmed
  • Passport copies of the crew
  • List of preferred locations

Get Dubai & Abu Dhabi Filming Permit

The procedure

The procedure to get film shooting permission in UAE involves a few simple steps. These are as follows:

  • Share a brief of the project: The first thing you need to do is to share the details about your project with us. This includes requirements, ideas, objectives and references.
  • Confirm the project: Once the details are shared, we will analyse them and present you with a proposal. You need to accept the proposal, agree on the scope of work and confirm the timelines of the project.
  • Obtain the permit: After completion of all these formalities, we will help you to get a film permit depending upon the scope of work. This permit is provided in advance to make sure that the film production goes on smoothly.

Video Shooting and Production Services

At Studio 52, we can help you in not only get filming permission in UAE but also in video shooting and production. We have an expert team consisting of directors, cameramen, scriptwriters and others apart from state-of-the-art shooting equipment. We will discuss the various possibilities after the briefing and assist in shooting a remarkable video or film as per the project requirement. After the shoot is complete, our team of videographers and editors will do the needful and send it for your approval. After your approval, the final video is delivered to you.

If you are planning the filming of a movie, documentary or corporate video in UAE, reach out to Studio 52 and get a permit without too much hassle.



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How To Get Filming Permits In UAE And The Gulf?

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