5 best ways to impress your audience with Timelapse Video

03 November , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Timelapse Video

Are you looking for a way to spark audience engagement? Using Timelapse video in a creative way will certainly call their attention. Having an engaged audience comes with a bunch of benefits. Your content will get more reach, your click rates will be higher, and more importantly, your brand will earn trust. The only problem is, creating engaging content isn’t always easy. That’s why we decided to give you a few ideas that will impress your audience.

Playing with the perception of time can create intriguing effects. Using Timelapse Video, you can compress hours, days, even months into a few minutes of video. That allows viewers to appreciate events from a new perspective. One of our favourites is the progress of a construction project, hundreds of work hours can be seen by investors in a couple of minutes. This lets them appreciate the amount of work going into the project, without the need of watching hours of content.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best ways of leveraging the perspective of time to engage your audience. That way you just need to find a motion, process, or event related to your business. Then, use one of the following trends, with that you’ll have a content piece of great value.

Landscape Timelapse


There’s something about passing clouds, leaves rustling in the breeze, and the setting sun that creates a wonderful effect when captured on timelapse. This works particularly well for the tourism industry, comprising hours of landscape recording will give viewers a deeper experience of the destination’s beauty.

Long term projects


Timelapse is the best way to let your audience appreciate the progress of a long term project. It presents a great balance between detail and duration. Plus, witnessing the rise of a building, or the development of a dock as in the video is amazing. It’s the perfect delivery system for all the work, people, and machinery needed. This approach is perfect for the construction industry, but it also works great to display artistic processes.

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Slow processes


This trend started capturing the growth of plants. Naturally, this creates a great opportunity for the agricultural and horticultural industries. There are many other uses, a great example is the fermentation of beer in the video above. A creative way to create engaging content from a regular industrial project.

Crowded Events


Using timelapse shots of an event will let your audience better appreciate how many people are enjoying themselves there. Event marketers are always looking for ways to leverage the social component of the experience in their campaigns. Well, timelapse videography is an excellent way to go about it.

Travel and Hyperlapse


Hyperlapse is a timelapse technique that uses camera motions to enhance the effect of the time perspective. This is particularly easy if you’re in the travel business, filming a timelapse video of the trip will raise familiarity on the audience. It can also be used in the fleeting and delivery industries, using that familiarity to earn trust in the service.

Hopefully, these timelapse trends will inspire you to make an outstanding piece of content. If you have a great idea, but no timelapse experience or equipment, we could take the development of your hands. Feel free to contact Studio52 for Timelapse video production.

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5 best ways to impress your audience with Timelapse Video

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