8 Reasons Why Every Construction Company Should Have Safety Training Video

21 February , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
Safety Training Video

Practice makes a man perfect but when it comes to working at risky places, it’s always better to go prepared perfectly.

Construction sites are one of the workplaces where the highest number of accidents occurs because of various reasons. Such as, insufficient training, miscommunication, inattentive employee, inadequate equipment knowledge, unaware of certain situations and many more. To avoid such workplace accidents and bring safety in the workplace, construction companies need to provide rigorous training. Safety training videos are one of the powerful tools to make trainings effective.

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Let’s read why safety training videos are so successful

  1. Picture Speaks Thousand Words: Construction training are complex training. It takes huge efforts for trainer to explain and for trainee to comprehend the content of the training. While, it’s easy for employer and employee, if content is presented in the video format.
  2.  Safe Environment: Employees appreciate when the company is protective about them. Safety training don’t make them respect your company only, but also make them feel safe at workplace.
  3.  Risk Identification: Safety videos for construction help employees realize that ignorance leads to disaster, where the risks lie, and they can find the areas where they need to be extremely cautious.
  4.  Identical message delivery: Same training for each set of employees will lead to no miscommunication between them. Identical message gives clarity of entire training.
  5.  Study of Incidents: Safety videos for construction have recording of live work, that’s why it becomes convenient for construction companies to study accidents and reasons behind them.
  6.  Remote Location: Trainer doesn’t need to go to different places. Training videos can be mailed and the training session can take place at remote locations too.
  7.  Time Saving: Time is precious. When training videos are handy, training coordination and arrangements don’t eat up your time.
  8.  Cost Reduction: Each time calling trainer, paying fees to her, bearing travel cost will add to training expense, but when your Construction video production company has prepared a quality safety training video for your company, you can have the benefit of one time investment for long time.


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Understand, accidents are not something that brings an expense of employee replacement only; each accident damages your brand value, increases insurance premiums, reduces productivity and at last hampers business growth.

So, make this one time investment cleverly that helps your company grow faster.

Studio 52 has mastered the art of communicating safety in the form of Safety Induction Video, Docu-Drama, Lessons Learnt Video, 2D/3D Animation, Training Videos, Incident Re-Enactment Videos, Management Messages & more.

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8 Reasons Why Every Construction Company Should Have Safety Training Video

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