Bespoke IVR Services by Studio 52 Helps Enhance Customers Experience!

09 October , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
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Improving customer experience should be the goal of every company whether it is big or small and IVR solutions by Studio52 does just that. If your business involves receiving calls from the customers, IVR services are for you. A suitable IVR company will help you take the frustration of callers away at an affordable cost. Let us find out how.

IVR is an automatic telephonic system that helps in client interaction, gathering information and routing calls to the right recipient. This system is based on the voice input and responds accordingly through voice, fax, call back, email and other ways. IVR recording services are very useful for various industries including healthcare, travel and tourism, hospitality, finance, retail, entertainment and many others. These services have their own relevance in each of these industries. We are an IVR company in Dubaithat provides bespoke IVR services to several clients spread across various industries. Take a look at how IVR can take your business to new heights of success.

Healthcare industry: The main objective of the IVR system in the healthcare industry is to communicate with the patients and employees. With this system, interaction becomes more effective and easy. You can accomplish many tasks with the help of IVR recording systems like sending appointment confirmations and reminders, running physician locators and lookups, recording information of the patients in order to enhance quality and efficiency of care provided to patients, sending reminders about refills and pickup of the medication, conducting automated survey of patients and processing bill payment over telephone.


IVR for hospital

Banking industry: Today people live a fast-paced life, they want to do anytime, anywhere banking through their phone whether it is getting ATM pin or credit card information. This is where IVR services come in. Today banks can give their customers a seamless experience using an IVR system. Banks in Gulf Countries are increasingly using IVR recording in Dubai and other cities for mobile banking. IVR has proved to be very useful for the banking sector as it helps in simplifying many tasks and procedures like applying loans, providing account/product information, giving updates on the investment portfolio, answering customers’ complaints and requests, etc. Banks can send alerts and reminders regarding various area related to customer banks accounts. They can conduct automated surveys to know if customers are satisfied with the services. Customers can also be informed about their account, policies, card activation and authorizations.


IVR for Banks

Hotel industry: The hotel industry is a booming one today with millions of people travelling to the Middle East, especially Dubai and other parts of the world. The hotels need to be on their toes to woo the visitors and IVR helps them do just that. First of all, a toll-free number helps in branding. Next comes handling customers’ calls professionally, doing visitor satisfaction surveys, online hotel booking, bill payments, cancellations and much more without having a dedicated call center. So, IVR services helps hotels to improve the overall customer experience.


IVR for hotels

IVR services are also useful for many other industries like real estate, retail, education and many more. If you want to take your business to the next level, consider IVR services by Studio 52. We provide IVR production services in Dubai, the Middle East and other parts of the world in 20+ languages. We promise to give your business a big boost by customizing IVR solutions to meet your industry and business needs. Contact our IVR company Dubai today!


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Bespoke IVR Services by Studio 52 Helps Enhance Customers Experience!

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