8 Important aspect you should check for filming and photography permit in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

31 March , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
Filming & Photography in UAE

UAE is attractive filming destination for makers around the world. UAE is the home for all the prominent location for wedding, Film, tv commercial & promotional shoot. But before planning to shoot in UAE, it’s important to get permits required to film in dubai. The government has strict guidelines with reference to shooting without filming permit will subject to huge penalty of upto 30000 AED. So, the best practice is to get Film & photography permits before planning to shoot in United Arab Emirates.In this update, will share a brief of frequently asked question about Dubai & Abu Dhabi Filming and Photography Permit.

  1. Who will issue Filming permit?

The Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) is the authorized to issue film shooting permission letter in Dubai.

  1. How to get shooting permit?

To get shooting permit, you need to appoint a UAE-licensed production company to obtain a shooting.

  1. What are the services provided by licensed production company?

Licensed production company will get the details of your shooting schedule & provide you with filming permission in dubai along with other services such as location manager, car for transportation.

  1.  Who need Film permit in UAE?

Any individual, Corporation, Production Company or entity that wishes to shoot in Dubai for movies, Wedding, TV commercial, Promotional Photo and video shoot, & Social media video shoot (Eg. Youtube) for marketing purpose requires a shooting permit.

Get Dubai & Abu Dhabi Filming Permit

  1. When do you need shooting permission permit?

You need a shooting permission if your shoot comes under the below mentioned aspects.

  • If there is a commercial shoot
  • Shooting on public property
  • Filming disturbs traffic or pedestrians
  • Use of technical equipment:

    6.  What type of filming permit you need?

The type of Filming permit you need will depends where you are planning to film. Here are the types of filming permit on the basis of filming criterion:

  • Public Ground Permit: If you plan to shoot on the ground location you will require a Public Ground Permit.
  • Private Location Permit: If you are planning to shoot in a private location (depending on the status of the location).
  • Aerial permit: If your shoot is in the air.
  • Special Film permit: For offshore location you will either require a special permit to film at, or close by oil installations.
  1. How much time required to get Shooting permit in Dubai?

The time taken for getting the shooting permission is about three to four days. So contact licensed production company prior to your shoot day.

  1. What is the permit fee for shooting permit in UAE?

The permit fees for filming in UAE varies from location to location. Also it depends on the time duration of shoot & availability of the location.

Here’s an insight of filming permit in UAE. To avail, the shooting permission & film permit in Dubai & Abu Dhabi get in touch with Studio 52 the leading company in providing film permission & production-planning services. So, if you have questions about filming Permits? You know who to call!  For more updates on film permit in UAE stay connected with us at: https://studio52.tv/contact-us


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8 Important aspect you should check for filming and photography permit in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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