Effective Workplace Safety Training – A Step By Step Guide

21 July , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
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Prospect of safer workplace is desirable from the perspective of employers as well as employees. But to realize this objective concrete action has to be taken. Developing an effective program for health & safety training in the workplace and implementing it thoroughly requires investment of efforts, time and monetary resources. But as it goes, the juice is worth the squeeze. Cultivating a culture of safety and productivity will result into fewer workplace injuries & claims, increased employee motivation, less downtime and more productivity.

Here’s step by step guide on how to develop and implement workplace safety training program which is compliant with OSHA regulations. You may find a lot of material on this subject elsewhere on the internet. However in this guide we have broken away from the tradition and made it relevant to the current times.

1. Identify the problem

First step is to carry out an inspection into what is compromising safety of employees. Analyzing what is causing workplace accidents and injuries. Is it due to workplace environment? Or due to the lack of knowledge or technical skills of employees? Or because of lethargy or lack of motivation? Identifying the culprit will play a decisive role whether a new training program is required or not. And if required then what type of training shall be provided.

2. Determine the type of training required

A new safety training program will be the most effective if safety is being compromised due to poor knowledge or technical skill of employees. In this case a thorough Job Hazard Analysis needs to be carried out to throw light upon potential hazards and select the type of training required to address the underlying issues and recommend the safest way to do the job. A different approach may be required to if the problem is identified with motivation, work environment or other factors.

3. List out safety training objectives

You must know in advance what you want to achieve through new safety program. State the objective of the training and results you want to achieve very clearly. This will help in evaluating the effectiveness of the program, measuring results and taking corrections.

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4. Develop effective safety training program

Once goals are defined, you need to decide on the method of training. In today’s age where human attention span is only 8 seconds, which is shorter than a goldfish, the best way to provide training to employees is using workplace safety training videos. Safety training videos 2017 is increasingly becoming a popular trend. After all, using safety videos in the workplace makes training more engaging, less boring and facilitates online safety training for employees.

5. Implement the safety training program

This is the most crucial part of workplace safety training. Create a proper schedule to provide the training. Give employees a through overview of the subjects that will be covered in the training. During the training encourage participation from employees so that learning becomes interesting. Solidify learning by practice and follow up.

6. Evaluate effectiveness of the safety training program

It is important to evaluate the training program’s effectiveness to ascertain whether established objectives have been achieved or not. Conduct interviews of employees and ask for their feedback. Ask training supervisors to share their views about whether training has enabled desired change of behaviour. The most precise indicator of the success of training program is the noticeable decline in the number of injuries and incidents in the long run.

7.Improve safety training program

As per the gathered feedback, identify gaps in learning, if any. Find out what worked best to influence employees’ behavior and achieve desired outcome. Admit theses learning to improve the productivity of safety training program.

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If you are concerned about creating a culture of safety in your organization, Studio 52 can help you with workplace safety training videos, construction safety training videos or any other training videos you need. Our videos will drill the message of safety in the subconscious of employees and sharpen their agility as well as presence of mind.


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Effective Workplace Safety Training – A Step By Step Guide

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