Are you struggling to communicate with new age employees?

17 August , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
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Technology is evolving at a rapid pace throughout the world. This means the ways in which we communicate are also changing. What isn’t changing, however, are the dangers associated with the oil and gas industry. The Middle East is the world’s largest oil producer in the world. It accounts for all net growth and production of crude oil and oil exports. On this basis alone, it’s clear to see that hundreds of thousands of people will need to be, and are, employed in this lucrative, yet dangerous, industry.

What’s concerning is the potential for injury and death due to either poor health and safety education, or lack of ways to portray or enforce it. In a world rich with technology in many shapes and forms, it’s clear to see there’s room for change within the oil and gas industry, among other dangerous fields. No longer is it feasible to give a handbook to an employee and expect them to know and read what is required of them. Books, while helpful for reference, are fast becoming outdated methods for educating staff on strict health and safety procedures.

So, what is the way of the future?
Videos, and plenty of them.

With Videos, you have the opportunity to enrich and educate each and every employee. And what’s in it for you? The knowledge that you’re providing a platform that will allow your staff to learn your health and safety procedures in the most interactive way possible.

New age employees are no less valuable than your oldest staff members, but they do learn the operations and procedures of your business in different ways. If you are struggling to communicate with your staff members due to differences in learning patterns, it’s time to call in the experts such as Studio 52.

Turning your ‘safety manual’ into an informative, interactive and technologically-advanced video is just one way you can reach out to your new age employees. You could also benefit from safety induction videos, documentary dramas, lessons, animations, incident re-enactment and management message videos as well. Companies such as Studio 52 can provide these exact services.
It may seem less involving than a manual, but watching a video is less demanding and requires less energy and effort – while achieving the same results.

If you can save time and money in the long run, why wouldn’t you? Videos are even processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text. It’s a proven fact it’s more effective, so your business or company can only but benefit.

When you’re struggling to communicate with your new age employees, there is a way forward. They can easily become one of your most valuable assets, all with just a change in education. Whether you’re enforcing new regulations, policies and procedures, or you’re welcoming a new recruit, consider video training as the mainstream education option on offer. A short four-minute video outlining initial expectations could easily be the difference between a stand-out staff member and one who’s struggling to stay in the industry.


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Are you struggling to communicate with new age employees?

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