Video Communication for Safety in the Oil And Gas Sector

01 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
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The annual investment for oil and gas companies in Health and Safety programs is humungous. This is a very necessary part of the business as it is extremely important to maintain a safe working environment in such an industry. Besides other things, such measures ensure the steady supply of skilled employees in the long run.


Some of the other benefits of this are –

  1. Corporate health and safety programs increase awareness about potential risks to life and health amongst employees, field workers, and contractors who work in these hazardous environments. That’s a humane endeavor.
  2. It is a challenge for any Oil and Gas company to maintain a zero-risk working environment. In fact, companies annually target zero fatalities and loss of life. Such active programs help to monitor the performance and nullify the loss of human life through accidents and illness.
  3. As a part of annual investor disclosures, Corporate Safety programs essentially indicate that an O&G company is invested in the concept of safety and bears a positive attitude towards employee health and well-being. This enhances Corporate Reputation which results in bigger investments from the business ecosystem.
  4. Such safety videos can be used by the media to feature a reputed O&G company. These videos, if well made, create favorable word-of-mouth amongst various target groups within the society, like health and safety engineers, for example. It thus helps in brand building and creates brand advocates.

Failing to invest in the safety of the workforce is a very short-term gain that will bring significant pain in the medium and long term. This is a fact that most major Oil and Gas companies understand.

How to internally communicate such safety programs within the Company?

With the meteoric rise in the importance of the use of videos as a tool of communication, more and more companies are using external agencies to create great health and safety videos, for their employees as well as investors.

The Studio52 Group based out of Dubai has extended experience of working with major Oil and Gas companies and has created some fantastic video content for employee safety purposes.

These videos essentially educate the employees or anyone working on the site about the potential risks of accidents, safety drills, emergency situations like spreading of a fire, or what to do if there is a minor/major accident onsite. Briefly, these videos are schemas of saving your life while working in a hazardous workplace.

Safety video types from Studio52

With the large variety and scope that video communication offers, such safety videos come in various formats. We will discuss some of the oft-created safety video types here.

Explainer videos are great to demonstrate to all people how to use the site for work and other purposes. Safety routes and exit points within the premises can be highlighted. This video format is a great traffic puller on Social Media sites like YouTube and helps in building awareness about the industry, company as well as domain.

Docu-fiction videos are shot in documentary style and are conversational and depict a  story through the audio-visual medium. A safety docu-fiction video can feature all the important employees /management members of the Company who can stress the benefits of a safe working environment. Packed with great visuals and stills, these videos can be entertaining, motivating as well as informational.

A spin-off of the former, docu-drama videos are more specific and situational and answer such questions as “What if there is a fire from an electrical short circuit”.The video will go on to show how such accidents can be handled without causing any harm to human life as well as minimizing collateral damages at the site. This genre focuses more on the do s and the don’t s on a site.

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Training videos are used for training purposes, mostly by the HR department. These videos are more instructional in nature and convey to all the employees about best practices of Safety and Health at the workplace. In general, these videos also have a message from the Chief Security Officer or any such senior member of the company on the importance of adherence to safety instructions. These videos are also used by the HR department during the induction of new employees to the organization.

Motivational videos motivate employees to stay safe at the workplace. The message of such videos is generally emotional. They highlight that their families and even the company rely heavily on them and they have a greater role to play in society. That is the reason they should value their life as also the life of their co-workers. They appeal to the herd sentiment. These videos are great to view as they have great visuals, brilliant use of audio bytes, and are creative.

Videos with a live interview on worksites are more rational and narrative in nature. They generally centre around an original video shot of a senior member of the Company, like the Chief Safety Officer or even the Chief Executive Officer. The message that is communicated through such videos is generally targeted to an external audience like investors or even select media. These videos are shot in an interview style. The Company spokesperson on safety emphasizes certain numbers like zero accidents, installation of new safety equipment and facilities on-site, investment figures in worker safety. Such videos build trust amongst the investor community and create a positive image in the media.

Studio52 Advantage

While these remain some of the most-used video formats, Studio 52 is always experimenting with new formats that are becoming popular on the internet. We tweak our messaging, for example, and try to add a dash of humour, to a serious topic like Safety Video. 

We have the creative bandwidth and extensive experience of over 4 decades in producing quality content for organizations across industries as well as sizes. 

The Company is a leader in Video Production and works with some of the best technicians and artists.

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Video Communication for Safety in the Oil And Gas Sector

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