Why Is New Employee Safety Training Orientation So Important?

02 January , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
safety training video

A safety video is regarded as probably the most efficient tools for providing orientation to the workers since not only does it fulfill the organization’s objective of safety training for employees, but is among the most convenient methods of doing so as well. After having dispensed with the hiring process, the next obligatory step that every organization has to cope with is to impart security training to its new workers and educate them about their new place of work as well. Playing a video in this trial period is never a bad idea since the new workers is bound to watch it with rapt concentration and consequently is more inclined to recall its contents subsequent to having taken their responsibilities.

Having decided to take advantage of a safety video after having observed its favorable results on beginners, it’s, but natural for the organization to try this method on its existing workers as well. The only hitch in this otherwise excellent idea is that these videos could be dull to watch because the audience is more than likely familiar with a lot of the content shown in them. A recommendation in this respect will be to produce the video intriguing with the addition of a strong personal sense to it so the audience have the ability to connect emotionally with the instruction which is imparted and for that reason have the ability to relate to it on an onto one basis. Every organization fears the loss of revenue incurred by it in the event of an incident within its premises and for that reason invests heavily on safety training. Among the essential aspects of this training entails showing of safety videos that concentrate on safe housekeeping, fire prevention, accident prevention and directions for these of personal protection so the workers are aware of the mishaps that may take place and the manner by that they can successfully curbed before worsening beyond control. Among the ways wherein a safety video might be made more efficient will be to end it with an interrogatory session and engage the workers in a general conversation.

Safety induction Videos

The best induction safety video is the one that clearly communicates minimum safety requirements and expectations to the visitors and employees of the company in the most effective and shortest duration. Company Studio 52 here in Dubai and the wider Middle East can help. The goal is to let the existing, experienced workforce translate their experience, knowledge and history into video which is easy to learn from.

Safety induction videos are by far the most important videos your workplace can organize to have created. The job of an employee training Video Production Company such as Studio 52 is to paint a picture of your workplace and its health and safety procedures. This is all to benefit several generations of workers to come.

Don’t confuse a safety induction video with an official health and safety video, however. This is only the beginning of several safety and training videos at workplace within the oil and gas industry needs.

Workplace Safety Videos

It can be easy to get complacent and rely heavily on your senior staff members to know what they are doing, and to keep doing it. But what happens when those staff members, the only ones who know their department well, are set to retire?

How are you supposed to effectively train new staff members in the years to come, if that one person was the only staff member who knew everything there was to know about a particular area or machine?

Oil and gas industry health and safety is of the utmost importance. One wrong move within your department can end in serious injury, or even death.

Oil and gas training in Dubai and surrounding areas is generally completed with several handbooks, hands-on experience and qualifications. Training is a huge part of the industry. But with technological advances, it’s time to add a new element – workplace safety videos.

If you are concerned about creating a culture of safety in your organization, Studio 52 can help you with workplace safety training videos, construction safety training videos or any other training videos you need. Our videos will drill the message of safety in the subconscious of employees and sharpen their agility as well as presence of mind. For more information on safety training videos, you can get in touch with us at +971-4-454-1054


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Why Is New Employee Safety Training Orientation So Important?

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