Follow these critical safety dos & don’ts for zero accident and zero injury workplace

03 April , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
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No matter in which industry you are working, at the end of the day, your goal is to return to your family and loved ones. But when you are working in risk prone and hazardous conditions of oil and gas industry, you will have to adhere to strict safety rules to achieve this goal. Oil and gas industry is one of the most challenging industries to work for. There are dangers lurking in every corner. From toxic exposure to falling from heights, working in confined spaces, fire, electrocution, hazardous material leakages, explosion, moving forklifts & cranes and extreme weather conditions, you are always surrounded by hazards. And if you are not always alert and aware about your safety and don’t plan on controlling theses hazards before beginning your work, your life may be at risk.

Practising safety rules is an important habit that goes a long way in ensuring your and your team members’ safety. Here are some critical dos and don’ts which will provide a brief guideline to prevent workplace accidents and injuries.


Follow hazard management processes

It is critical that before beginning any risk prone work, you carry out Field Level Hazard Analysis, Job Hazard Analysis and Job Safety Analysis.

Carry safety devices

Safety devices like H2S detector and other such devices are essential for saving life. And make sure that whichever devices you carry are calibrated.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipments are designed to control and prevent exposure to hazards. So always wear PPE which is specified for your nature of work.

Call out TOFS

TOFS stands for Time Out For Safety. Call out TOFS and consult your supervisor when you are not sure about your work or how to use equipment.


Report any incident, near miss, spill or hazard. Reporting any hazardous condition is the first step towards prevention.


Don’t work without training

Each task requires special skills and even though you might feel confident in carrying out the task, ensure that you have received necessary training.

Never work without obtaining Permit To Work

Permit To Work (PTO) is a system designed for safe work practices. And it is mandatory to obtain PTO to perform certain tasks like hot work, electric work, entry in confined spaces etc.

Don’t ignore any safety rules, signs and instructions

Safety rules, signs and instructions are posted all over the site and they sum up years of experience and wisdom. So never ignore them.

Don’t panic in emergency

In case an emergency occurs, follow the emergency safety procedure without panicking as it may cause distress for you and your team members too.

If you are worried about safety of your employees, contact us at 800-52 (Within UAE), or visit our website: and we will help you with customized and impactful safety training videos.

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Follow these critical safety dos & don’ts for zero accident and zero injury workplace

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