The Power of Documentary Storytelling in Business

05 July , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
Storytelling in business

Let’s begin this blogpost with basics…

What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is the art of using language, vocalization, and/or physical movement and gesture to reveal the elements and images of a story to a specific audience.

What is the importance of Digital Storytelling in business?

  1. Interactive

Storytelling is not like reading a chapter. It is a multisensory experience. It is about with different gestures, expressions, pauses and fluency involving audience when they are watching your business video.

  1. Language

Stories are told in a language that people understand. As per audience’s language preference, video can be dubbed in different languages without making a huge cost.

  1. Power to Survive

The content presented in the form of story is remembered by people for a longer period of time. Don’t you believe?

Do you remember the stories told to you in your childhood? You may not remember the whole story but you would remember the heart of the story. That’s what happen when watch Digital Storytelling.

So till here, it establishes the fact that storytelling cannot have any substitute. So, let’s move forward to one of the trending techniques of storytelling i.e. Documentary Storytelling.

Documentary Storytelling

If I have to explain in the simplest words about Documentary Storytelling, I would say, ‘It’s about bringing your hidden world in the sight of your target market in the form of video.’

In the world of business, documentary storytelling is also referred as corporate documentaries or promotional documentaries. You may think how documentary is relevant in business or what is the need of documentary while developing business strategy? Then, let’s move forward and discuss its power in business.

  1. Scenes behind the Stage

Your customers see, consume, experience the final product but they don’t know how it is developed. They are curious to know the story of the service or product they use. Documentary video is not just a recording, your brand ‘s personality is captured by video production house or business video production company in it.

  1. Credible Information

As your brand’s information is not given by any third person; being a company, you yourself are educating your target audience with the medium of corporate documentary by partnering with one of the best media production companies in Dubai, people have strong reason to trust the content.

  1. Objective Oriented

You can select what part of your world you want to present in front of your target audience such as, how company operates, work culture, production unit, team, traditional values, overview of company, history of your brand and anything you want to portray; the scope is huge.

  1. Helpful to Develop Familiarity

Documentary business video developed by promotional video production company helps your company develop the sense of familiarity with your brand in audience; because somewhere your target audience knows your brand inside out. It helps you increases the level of trust and conversion rates too.

Documentary business video is what trending in the business world at present and no business strategy would like to exclude it as this video helps brand to connect with customers emotionally. There are plenty of production companies in Dubai, media city, but you need to choose a company who has expertise and experience in working with brands as yours.

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The Power of Documentary Storytelling in Business

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