Corporate Video Best Practices from Studio52

08 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Corporate Video best practices from Studio 52

Corporate videos are one of the most powerful instruments to show the outside world generally and the media and investor community specifically about the grand vision that fuels your organization. 

Generally commissioned by MDs or Marketing Communication departments at various Corporates and consumer companies, Corporate Videos can be inspirational, informative and can create a positive image for your Company. 

The two places where Corporate videos are mostly used are websites and social media channels. However, Sales Departments of companies use Corporate Videos during their client pitch presentation.

A well-crafted Corporate video speaks volumes about the Founder’s vision and values and immediately captures the imagination of the audience.

Corporate videos almost always communicate about the bigger picture behind the existence of the Company. It is a very efficient tool to convey to investors about the objective, goal, and landmarks that the organisation is striving to achieve. It binds all the stakeholders of a business with a common thread and motivates employees at large.




There are numerous styles of representations of Corporate Videos. At Studio 52 we keep on experimenting with innovative forms but our experience shows that these are some of the most popular formats that are widely used for marketing and promotion purposes.

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1. About Us Videos

As the name suggests, these types of videos are the visual representation of the About Us section on the Company website. About Us Videos convey what is the business of the company and why it loves to serve its customers. 

2. FAQ Videos

As corporations face the uphill challenge of answering queries related to their business, product or service, availability and other such information, they are inundated with a plethora of frequently asked questions every day. Instead of trying to answer all these questions, a better technique is to go for a FAQ video that generally answers almost all the questions that customers might have about the Company.

Again it is the visual representation of a FAQ section on the Company website.

3. Product and Service Demo Video

Product and service demo videos are educational and instructional in nature. The main objective of creating such videos is to help the customers to operate a Company product or use a service.

4. Customer Testimonial Video

Customer testimonial videos go a long way to create a positive image of a Company. It reinforces trust in a brand and helps people to select a certain product, service, or brand.

5. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos help in explaining complicated processes and help company customers to effectively use a product or service. These videos are extremely popular on YouTube and well-made explainer videos generate lots of views and shares. They are great for education and helping your customers explain what you do.

While coming up with great Corporate videos production service, we at Studio 52 also focus on other nitty-gritty of the trade. We list down some of them so that one gets an idea of the detailing we go through:

  1. Choose amazing music tracks as backgrounders for a Corporate Video. Music that engages and delights.
  2. We don’t try to make viral videos. Instead, we focus on the process and try to visually convey the message as creatively as possible.
  3. We work with a great team of in-house copywriters who are essentially master storytellers and have extensive experience in creating Corporate Videos.
  4. We ensure that our Corporate Videos have great cinematography. We work with experienced cinematographers.
  5. We don’t work with green screens while making corporate videos as they have very low quality and production value.
  6. We generally work with the three-point rule,i.e export the video without audio, export the audio without video and transcribe the entire video. This helps us to keep a check on the quality as different people will be consuming these marketing videos on different devices in different formats.
  7. We use template typography so that words on-screen look dynamic and also adhere to the Company brand guidelines.
  8. We ensure that things keep moving on screen every 3-5 seconds in the video. That keeps the video engaging and meaningful to the audience.

These are some of the basic best practices that we follow at Studio 52 while creating interesting and captivating Corporate Videos. If you want to create a great Corporate or Marketing video for your company and brand, Visit at Corporate video Production  


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Corporate Video Best Practices from Studio52

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