Is a Drone worth it for photography?

10 September , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
drone photography

The domain of videography and photography has largely benefited from technological advancements. You see high-resolution videos and photos all over the social media. Most of the top coverage photos you see are the result of drone photographyBut is this craze about the drones worth the investment?

Like any other investment, purchasing a drone for both professional and personal ventures calls for a thorough analysis. Besides the budget, multiple factors will determine the real worth of drone purchases. Identifying the real worth of drone photography has become even critical as businesses are using drones as a source of creating catchy and creative stuff. It is a new trend all over the globe; even you can find hundreds of results under your search for drone videography and photography. We are here to guide you about the crucial factors for determining the real worth of drone purchases.

Your purpose matters!

The real purpose of getting a drone is crucial.

  • If you are a professional photographer aimed at enhancing your skills, you must get a drone with a high-quality camera. If you plan to get it for video shooting, then your drone must be capable of video recording. However, if your drone purchase is just for an adventurous weekend, then a drone with a normal resolution camera will also work.
  • If you are the one who is into competitive endeavors of drone racing, then you will have to dig deeper into the flying capabilities of the drone.
  • For farmers, contractors, or business owners who need a bird’s eye view for the daily business operations, a drone can turn into valuable assets. You may have heard a lot about drone shooting Omanbecause the effectiveness of drones has global acceptance.

Your location matters!

Although drones have become trendy because of its boosting effects in various industries yet because of logistic and security issues, there are multiple areas where drone flying and drone photography are illegal. Before investing in drones, it is better to explore the restricted airspaces first. Leaving it unused in your cupboard will be a disappointment.

The cost of accessories matter!

Drone purchase is not a simple purchase. Drone accessories will be a must-have once you buy a drone. Propellers and extra batteries are the basic accessories you will need as a drone pilot. If you are a beginner, you are likely to damage multiple propellers. The average battery for a traditional drone is 16 to 31 minutes, so drones pilots prefer additional batteries. Your purchase decision will largely depend on these accessories

When the Drone is worth considering:

Evaluating the worth of a drone is a difficult decision. It is worth to buy if you think the following facts:

  • Drone photography is a hobby that yields fun experience.
  • Having a drone means that you have access to a personalized aviation system. You can fly up to 400 feet, which is the legal limit while getting a 360-degree view of your surroundings is exciting.
  • You will visualize multiple aspects of objects and surrounding that you couldn’t have otherwise viewed unless you sit in a helicopter or plane. The cool tricks you can perform with a drone are surely beyond excitement.
  • If you are planning for shooting a professional YouTube video, then a drone will increase your viewership by providing enhanced shots and capturing incredible angles.
  • The modern-day business world is largely dependent upon drone videos and
  • Drone footage is the trendiest practice over the web, especially on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. If you are intended to increase the social media following, or you want to pull up the drone footage in video or photo business, drone footage is surely the answer.
  • Just with drones’ arrival in the domain of photography, different parts of the globe have been captured by drones. Still, various parts remain unseen, giving you a wide-open opportunity. Aerial videos and photos have an exciting effect on the human eye, hence ranking them far above the traditional ground footage.
  • Drones are the new competitive tool for your business.
  • Drones are part of businesses in sectors like construction, agriculture, real estate, and many more. The aerial view keeps the customers engaged hence making drones a good choice.

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A drone is not your piece of cake when!

Not everything is for everyone. Even highly professional equipment with established utility can turn useless if not selected appropriately. A drone is not for you:

  • If you are not a professional photographer

The drone will demand a good amount of investment. So if you are a beginner in photography, then it is better to invest in ordinary cameras first. Photography is a vast domain, and drone photography comes at advanced levels. The principles of ground-level photography apply to drone photos, so if you are yet to learn the basics, then do not jump for the wrong investment.

  • if you do not have time to learn drone photography 

Although drone footage is fun to see yet, do not invest in drones if it resides in some part of your home. Handling drones will need time and energy to turn into a waste of money without having time to learn.

  • If You are not intended to the editing of drone footage

Flying a drone is merely the start; landing is where the real excitement begins. If you want you to purchase the drone, you must learn to edit the footage of all the aerial adventures. Raw drone footage will not intrigue the audience as compared to a well-edited video. A drone is intelligent enough for aerial views, but it will not do the editing for the footage. If editing is not your interest, then drone will is merely a flying tool.

Drones are surely the enthralling tools that have changed the domains of content creation and business operations. You just type drone on the search bar, and you will get hundreds of pages mentioning drone shooting Omanand many other areas. It depicts the trend of drone videos expanding all over the globe. Although its utility cannot be denied, a wiser purchase can be the turning point for a drone’s real effectiveness.


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