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26 April , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
Hotel Telephone Hold Music _ Messages

The brief period that your customers spend on hold can significantly influence their perceptions of your hotel. Did they listen to generic music or a tailored message that resonates with your brand? These fleeting moments offer an excellent chance to promote services that guests can enjoy during their stay, attracting potential or returning visitors. 

However, on-hold marketing can be challenging to execute correctly, which is where our expertise at Studio52 comes into play. We specialize in creating compelling on-hold marketing strategies that effectively promote your hotel’s offerings and leave a positive impression on your guests.

Let’s see what these are and what can they do for your hotel! 

About Hold Music

Music-on-hold (MOH) is a commonly used practice that involves playing recorded music to fill the silence that callers hear while placed on hold. It is also referred to as phone hold music, on-hold messaging, or hold music, and is prevalent in customer service scenarios.

The origin of music-on-hold dates back to 1962 when entrepreneur and inventor Alfred Levy stumbled upon the concept by accident. He discovered that a loose wire in his building was picking up an audio broadcast signal from the radio station next door, which callers could hear when placed on hold.

Recognizing the potential benefits for his business and customers, Levy patented the concept in 1966. Although technological advancements have transformed on-hold music services since then, Levy’s patent marked the start of the evolution that ultimately led to today’s music-on-hold.

Why Should You Invest In It

A study by the USA Business Telephone Today Center examined the effects of placing customers on hold for one minute — with and without music.

During the first phase, the first 10,000 callers were left on hold for 1 minute without any background music. More than half of the callers, over 50%, hung up before the minute was up. Additionally, approximately 45% of the remaining callers believed their hold time lasted between 3 to 5 minutes.

For the second phase, another 10,000 callers were put on hold for 1 minute, but this time with on-hold music playing in the background. The results showed that only 13% of the callers hung up before the minute was up. Moreover, only 31% of the callers perceived that their total hold time exceeded 60 seconds, with 56% of people believing their hold time was under 1 minute.

It is worth noting that the choice of music played during the hold time has an impact on the perception of wait time. Psychologists have revealed that slow-tempo, relaxing music can effectively make the wait time feel shorter than it is.

How To Choose The Best Music

To enhance the customer experience, it’s essential to choose on-hold music that aligns with their preferences. For instance, if you run a Mexican restaurant, playing traditional Mariachi music would be an obvious choice for customers on hold.

However, for most businesses, choosing the right music is not so straightforward. Musical tastes vary, making it challenging to select a piece of music that appeals to everyone. It’s crucial to keep the on-hold music fresh by updating the playlist periodically to engage regular callers. If you change the selection every month, it will provide a welcome relief to frequent callers.

As your business evolves, so should your on-hold playlist. It’s essential to tailor the on-hold music to the caller’s purpose. Consider the type of line you’re providing music for – is it for sales or complaints? For a sales line, the music should be engaging and energetic, while for a complaint line, it should be soothing to calm customers’ tempers.

Choosing the best on-hold music for your organization should never be a throwaway task. It takes dedicated thought and finesse to keep customer satisfaction levels high, even when customers are calling to file a complaint. Selecting music that reflects your brand makes a significant difference in the customer experience your business provides.

On-Hold Music

What To Do With the On-Hold Messages

Promote Your Place

Incorporating On-Hold Marketing is an excellent strategy to inform your callers why your hotel is the preferred choice in the area. There are several selling features you can include in your hold message. If your hotel is conveniently located near popular attractions, events, or major intersections, or nestled in a peaceful spot, it’s beneficial to let your callers know. 

Providing your guests with precisely what they are seeking before their arrival is an essential component of an exceptional hotel experience.

Excite Listeners About Changes

Have you recently renovated your hotel or introduced new menu items or beautiful linens? Perhaps there’s a new attraction in your area that offers unique entertainment or fantastic shopping. Regular guests appreciate being informed about the latest developments in and around your hotel, and your on-hold message is an ideal platform to share this information. Our writers can help you compile all the exciting news and let callers know that a stay with you has everything they desire.

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Introduce Staff

While offering amenities that are appreciated by guests is crucial, the exceptional people who serve them can have an even more significant influence on their perception of a fantastic stay. If you have a great team, consider mentioning them in your on-hold script. It’s always pleasant to know the name of the person who adds that extra touch to make each guest feel special or simply to make the conversation more personal. By doing so, when guests are searching for a hotel in your area, they will make a connection and remember the friendly person who made their stay enjoyable.

Share Guest Reviews

Although waiting on hold can be frustrating, it’s an unfortunate reality of life. However, an on-hold message that includes your web address can lead your caller to your greatest sales opportunity: your past guests! The Internet is both a marketing opportunity and a massive source of competition. 

Almost everyone checks the web to ensure that previous guests had a pleasant stay before considering booking at your hotel. Your on-hold message presents the perfect opportunity to encourage your guests to leave reviews on sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. You can even mention specific reviews from past guests in your hold message to showcase their positive experiences.


The on-hold music and messages that hotels provide for their guests can have a significant impact on the overall customer experience. By selecting the right music, incorporating valuable information about the hotel, and highlighting exceptional staff members, hotels can enhance the caller’s perception of their brand and ultimately drive more business.

Encouraging past guests to leave reviews through on-hold messages can help attract new customers and establish a positive reputation online. Therefore, taking the time to craft effective on-hold messages and music selections can be a worthwhile investment for any hotel looking to improve guest satisfaction and grow its business.

If you need a professionally made on-hold messaging system, feel free to contact us Studio52


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THM – Hotel Telephone Hold Music & Messages

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