English to Arabic Voice Over-a Lucrative Marketing Tool

25 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Voice over-a lucrative marketing tool

Industry Snapshot

A famous hit song once claimed “Video killed the radio star” which in reality is not true at all. In fact, in 2017 almost 40 years after that song was released there was a reported 900% increase in the number of voiceovers required to be voiced over the span of the previous three years.

Apart from this blistering growth for voice-related services in recent years, catalyzed more so by the growth of the internet, voice over has also become more diverse, with a growing demand for different dialects and accents. While North American English with a neutralised accent still remains the most in-demand, the need for English with an Australian accent has dramatically increased since last year. This is because of regional advertising and bringing English education to different countries around the globe. 

In the UAE there is a spurt in demand for English and Arabic voice over services as companies across different industries, from hotels, hospitality, tourism to real estate, banks and financial institutions need voiceover services for their customer service departments and to provide their customers with an immersive, high-quality positive experience. There is thus a greater need for talent and for companies who house that talent and provide marketing messages for businesses that are specifically tailored to their audience’s tastes and preferences. For example, having a voice coach will help you adjust your voice according to different target ages and help you hone particular accents you’d like to offer to potential clients.

The “real” human talent 

Even as Alexa, Siri, and other assistive apps have grown in popularity, the truth is people still prefer the emotional connection of a real human voice. Tailoring the voice of the talent to reflect the branding and marketing required for a particular job and effectively connecting to your audience are just a few of the things that voice-over coaching can help you with. 

We at Studio 52 understand the importance of such customization and as we work for a plethora of companies with varying voiceover requirements, we strive to bring out the perfect message for the specific business with our talented artists and voiceover professionals. The voiceover industry is highly specialised and it takes a lot more to be successful here than just a good voice. One should know how to make use of it and Studio 52, after working on a diverse set of voiceover projects knows how to make a difference in this sector. Voice artists who are versatile and can imitate accents will find more work opportunities as the need for localization of audio content grows.

Studio52 Advantage

When it comes to our clients for voiceovers the foremost goal is to be happy with its quality and delivery. Other voiceovers companies in UAE have more requirements and hoops to jump through. With Studio 52, we can typically get an affordable high-quality recording in 24 hours or less. This is crucial for meeting our client’s demanding deadlines.

Otherwise, we share multiple voice artist options with our clients easily, so they can handpick the perfect voice to represent their brand. Other clients are pleasantly surprised at how quickly we can get quality voiceovers recorded.

We consistently deliver voiceovers with superb sound quality and in more than 50 languages with an infinite number of vocal attributes and accents. This range assures our clients of customization which is probably the reason why most of our clients prefer repeat business with us.

If you want to avail or know more about our voiceover services, please visit https://studio52.tv/audio/voice-over-artist.
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English to Arabic Voice Over-a Lucrative Marketing Tool

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