11 Stellar Product Photography Ideas To Help You Improve Sales

13 June , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
11 Stellar Product Photography Ideas To Help You Improve Sales

Whether you are designing an online store or selling via an online marketplace such as Amazon or eBay, it’s crucial that your product photos stand out from the competition. Your customer can’t physically touch the product on your eCommerce, hence they need a visual guide to understand how the product looks and feels in real life.

Having product photos that stand out is more important than any other piece of content on your product page. According to one study 67% of people rate the quality of product images to be “very important,” more than product information, detailed descriptions, or even reviews!

Another finding from Justuno shows that “93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.”

So, you can see for yourself how important product photography is for your business. If you want to make sales you have to help your customers by bringing them your absolute best product shots. With that in mind, let’s dive into some simple product photography tips that can lead to more sales.

  1. Put Your Product in Context

In some cases, it’s difficult to imagine the usage of the product. For such products, it’s important that your prospective customers are able to envision themselves using your product. If they can’t easily picture themselves using it, why would they buy it? Therefore, it’s important to put your product in context.

For example, if you are selling a coffee table, consider taking a shot of the coffee table in its natural environment i.e. living room with a little vase of flowers, a cup of coffee, and some books. Or if you are selling a nail polish holder, show it how convenient it is to use. This gives potential buyers an idea of how it will look in their home, the way they can use the product, etc.

  1. Take the Picture from Multiple Angles

It’s not always necessary to take your product photographs straight on or from above. Taking pictures from multiple angles will show your customers exactly what your products look like. It also gives a clearer picture of just how tall, short, thin, or large your product is once the customer has it in their home. 


Having plenty of shots from various angles would also give you options when it is time to edit. You won’t be left thinking if you should do the product photoshoot once again. The best part would be that you have the ability to pick and choose the one that’s the best. However, remember not to manipulate the camera angles to make the product look bigger than it actually is or make it appear thinner than it is in reality.

  1. Use Props

To add some creativity to your final product photo, add some props. These props could be anything – flowers, candles, pebbles, everyday objects, lights, or textured fabric. Ensure that the props you are using help enhance the visual experience and not take the center stage. The focus should be on the product. 

Your props don’t even have to be expensive. When you have found the perfect prop for your product photography, you should play around with unique placement to help pull the whole photo together. There’s no hard and fast rule for using props. Just make sure your prop doesn’t come in the way and takes away the focus from the product itself.

  1. Use Dramatic Lighting

Nothing matters more than the right light in your photography. While most of the time it is good to use even lighting to showcase your product in the best light as it is. There are times when you need to use dramatic lighting to have an instant impact on your customer’s mind. Using different lighting you can convey a different context to your viewer’s mind.

Dramatic lighting is often great for car commercials, phone commercials, high-end wine bottles, luxury watches, etc. They can also be used to create a buzz around your product during the pre-launch stage. The light from the back creates dark moody lighting making it look mysterious and luxurious. This naturally antes up the buyer’s interest in your product.

  1. Capture Finer Details with Macro Mode

If you have a product where you need to give more details to the customers to heighten their buying intent, then macro mode can be very helpful. It is one of the most popular types of product photography when it comes to jewelry. 

Macro shots of products are very powerful as products are viewed in super close-ups. It is also very good in stirring up the senses leading to sales in a snap. However, it doesn’t mean that you shoot all your product photos in macro mode. Mix and match it with other angles to give your product a wholesome look.

  1. 360 Photography

This is the new trend. In the highly digitalized era, people are seeking similar real-life experiences while browsing on websites. And 360-degree product photography is the perfect way to provide that experience to your customers. It is a great interactive way through which your customer can actually see the product the way he wants, i.e. he can see the product from all the angles as he would when in a shop in real life.


You must give 360-degree photography a try. All you need is a professional photography experience, a basic camera, a turntable, and a tripod to create such photos. And even if you don’t have an in-house professional photographer, you can always take help from professional 360-degree photography service providers in your area.

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  1. Freeze Frames

Want to grab someone’s attention? Try freeze-frame photographs. Freeze motion is using your settings on your camera to stop the movement that is happening in your photo. It adds another element to a photograph and it can be very challenging at first. But, when you do it right, your product photos will look extremely impressive to potential customers.

As frozen frames are something that people don’t see often, it’s an excellent idea to try it showcase your product. These kinds of shots are mostly seen in products that can be thrown, spoiled, or cut such as beverages, fruits, etc.

  1. Flat Lay Your Product

Flat lay photos are quite trending nowadays. These types of product photographs are taken from above or 45-degree angles with the product laid flat to tell a story. Flat lay product photographs are very popular on social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and more. 

When you’re creating a flat lay, you should have a set background, location, and props. The product is usually photographed on a plain white background. It’s best not to add too many products to your flat lay, leave a little space between them to make it look clean. 

  1. Show Product Variations

When buying online, customers want to look at as many photos as they can, and if there are different variations, especially color, they would definitely want to take a look at it. So, if your product has variations, make sure that you shoot all the possible variations to make sure customers are happy with their purchase.

Showcasing all variations not just gives them more options but also makes them know that they can trust you. 

  1. Play with Backgrounds

Keeping your background plain and simple will ensure the product you are trying to sell doesn’t get lost in the shot. For doing that often the most preferred background color is white, but you don’t always need to stick to a white background. And sometimes you don’t even need a background. You can take pictures of your products on marble table boards, wooden parquet floors, or even a clean simple tabletop.

For example, you can use glitters on your background while photographing jewelleries. These small additions not just look good but also don’t draw attention away from the product.

  1. Capture the Details

Lastly, the product photography is all about selling the product. People are interested in knowing the products better. They want to see each and every detail of it so capture all the stunning details of the product. Little features like logos, an extra pocket, zips, superior quality stitches, etc of the product give the customers a complete idea of what the product is going to be like when they receive it.

So, don’t forget to focus on those smaller details. 

Wrapping Up!

In the world of eCommerce, the product photography is one of the only ways to grab the attention of your potential customers. These days, even smartphone cameras can take spectacular photos, but nothing can outdo a product photograph taken by a professional photography service provider. If you want to really stand out and sell more, you need to think outside of the box. 

Our corporate photography team at Studio 52 specializes in creating stunning product photography experiences. If you are looking for help with your product photography, please feel free to browse through our gallery to see our work or contact us directly to know how we can partner with you. Having more than 4 decades of experience in providing corporate product service in Dubai, we can promise nothing less than excellence.


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11 Stellar Product Photography Ideas To Help You Improve Sales

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