Video is the game changer in Marketing!

10 March , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
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Capturing the Millennial Market: Taking advantage through Social Media

With modern technology, the world is going the digital way. It is evident that people are actively using social media platforms. It’s a medium for communication, entertainment & recently emerges out as a business platform.

According to statista, In 2018, 71 percent of internet users were social network users and these figures are expected to grow.

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These platforms are reinventing their ways to engage audiences to keep their focus on their accounts. They are trying to make these platforms as a one-stop site for everything you need. Facebook is currently the market leader in terms of reach and scope, has widely evolved and adapted to the needs of this generation.

Videos are the most engaging form of content as they have interactive games, daily stories, and a lot of improvements that focus on engaging users. Thus, the organization tends to focus on brand video production for promotion on social media channels.

As social Media videos are trending as they gain attention from users easily. Marketers are extensively using this advancement by placing their ads on these platforms. With just a click, you can share any video content and gain comments and reactions from users. Thus, Marketing your brand will be more effective, easier, time efficient & result oriented. Based on user reactions, you can easily gauge the strengths of your ad. Viral videos will continue to spread when it is executed perfectly. These videos get extreme user engagement all over Social Media mainly because of their unconventional idea & connectivity with the user.

One common factor in most of these videos is that they capture the heart of the audiences. If you are able to capture your audience attention from the start and maintain the momentum until the end, it would likely turn out to be an effective marketing strategy.

With video marketing, you have to be very particular with the time. As marketer analyze that most of the people on social media have a short span of attention as they are crawling a variety of content daily. So make sure to put your key messages within the time frame. Simpler the approach, the greater the recall. One impactful statement or scene is enough to make your ad viral. Be very specific with the key message that you want to deliver to your viewers.

Make a strong call to action. It’s necessary to capture your audience & make sure to persuade them to perform an action which accomplishes your goal. Because every viewer who shares your video won’t become your instant consumer. But with the time for sure video will boost your conversion & sale, provided you have a strong video pitch for the effectiveness of your ad.

So, this is how Social media video & Viral video production will provide the desired growth to your business. If you’re wondering for a high-quality video to increase your business. Then, Contact the leading video production service provider, studio52.


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Video is the game changer in Marketing!

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