5 Reasons that Make Health and Safety Videos Important in the Oil and Gas Industry

28 May , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
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Did you know every day, oil and gas workers battle different safety and health hazards? Yes, that’s true and some of these include:

    • Vehicle accidents
    • Fires and Explosions
    • Caught-between/caught-in/struck-by moving equipment or vehicles, high-pressure lines, and falling equipment
    • Chemical exposures
  • Falls
  • Confined spaces where flammable vapors or gases may get ignited, or they suffer asphyxiation, or get exposed to hazardous chemicals

Apart from putting human health and safety at a great risk, these situations pose an equal threat to the environment as well. And that’s what makes the role of a safety officer crucial in the oil and gas industry.

Using safety training videos and other modes, a safety officer can train employees in identifying the hazards. In addition, s/he can also teach the trainees ways to subsequently control or mitigate these hazards. From daily safety huddles and classroom training to online training, various modes are used for such training. By hiring safety video production services, companies in the oil and gas industry can make these training modules more effective. Wondering how?

The audio-visual medium always creates a better impact on the learners by keeping them engaged. Lessons taught through this medium also stay in the minds of trainees for a long time. Still wondering how you can actually use health & safety video production services and why they are important? We bring you five reasons to make the topic clearer.

  • Using protective equipment: Prevention is better than cure – nowhere is this more apt than in the oil and gas industry. And safety training videos can help teach a lot of things. This includes how and when to use personal protective equipment (PPE) correctly, common protective steps and more.
  • Identifying work-related hazards and ways to control or mitigate them: Accidents and other health and safety hazards can be caused by various factors. Using the wrong PPE/chemical/machine, or working in long shifts with fewer breaks are just some common ones. By hiring a health & safety video production company, you can emphasize on these common hazards and ways to control them. Wondering how you can do this? Simple steps like putting a barrier between the employee and hazard (guarding/ventilation), or redesigning work methods can help. You just need planned modules in your safety training videos to focus on these aspects.
  • Adhering to safety protocols: Learning safety procedures before starting work, or how to report workplace accidents and potential hazards are crucial. All these and more can be taught using safety video production services.
  • Making employees familiar with new processes: When new work and safety processes/procedures are implemented, employees need to be trained to become aware of them. Training should also focus on making them understand what they need to adhere to these procedures and processes. These can be easily done through health & safety video production services.
  • Encouraging self-paced learning: You can upload safety training videos to a central system from where your employees can easilyaccess them. This way, you canensure a continuous learning process. Even idle hands or employees on a lunch break can study these to learn, and refresh theirearlier training. And the best part? You won’t need instructors to be physically present during training since you can record their lectures and upload them. Even employees won’t need to be in classrooms and thus miss their productive hours. After all, they can use these training videos as and when they want to.

Why does all this matter? Because that’s a surefire way to bring down health and safety hazards plaguing the oil and gas industry.


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5 Reasons that Make Health and Safety Videos Important in the Oil and Gas Industry

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