13 February , 2017 by Rashida Saeed

Corporate Videos have no longer remained an optional activity for any small or giant business units and have become a vital part for any organization’s brand identity. Corporate Video Production can be defined as audio-video communications materials. These videos tell the story of brand and its product line or services in the most compelling manner with a human feel to the presentation using video and voice synchronization.

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An influential video gives an invaluable edge over competition. Let’s see what advantages corporate video companies bring on board:

  • Brand Reputation: With sound connections between productions, post and delivery; a corporate video production house can bring magic to your market reputation.
  • Company Presentation: A corporate video presents core values of your company, so when any technologically advanced corporate video production company works on your brand, it will create a product that exhibits the core values of your brand in the most exceptional manner.
  • Stand Unique: Many times reading content on website is unappealing but presenting the same content in diverse and appealing way makes it interesting and easy to remember for viewers.
  • High Reach: Convenient to share on websites, social networking sites, emails. It can also be mailed in DVDs, VCDs, pendrive; hence, it helps to reach more number of potential customers.
  • Extensive Scope: Presentations and websites are limited to textual. But the corporate video can be provided in varied languages without adding huge cost in it.

Now, there are plenty Corporate Video Production Companies in UAE or Dubai itself. But how will you choose a Corporate Video Production Service provider who fit the bill?

  • Business Knowledge: See whether the Corporate Video Production House has experience within your industry with respect to a product or services similar to yours.
  • Script: With different businesses, there is different target audience. The script writer requires to develop a script focusing on the target audience.
  • Quality: Ignoring video quality means eroding your brand. So, a corporate video production house has to be well equipped with latest technical instruments and knowledge of videography and post production.
  • Professionalism: Lack of professionalism won’t only delay in delivery but will also hamper your business agenda.

Creating an impactful video may take time but with utter understanding and expertise, it can be delivered.

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Studio 52 is a leading audio-video production house in Dubai having more than 4 years of experience in creating documentary films, marketing videos, product demos of different industries like oil & gas, real estate, IT, healthcare, hospitality, education, manufacturing, etc.

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And don’t forget to consider the above mentioned factors before choosing your video production partner.

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