Studio52’s Deliverables are Spot On, Says CEO, Moiz Saeed

04 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed

Studio52 Arts Production is a video production firm in the United Arab Emirates with another office in Saudi Arabia and Oman. Founded in 1977, the firm caters to many industries, from startups to international companies. Since the firm was founded, it has been delivering excellent services with innovation and creativity. The expert team goes to great lengths to offer excellent marketing and communication services to their clients. Studio52 believes in delivering excellent customer service and content creation to give companies an identity through video and animation services.

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Initially, Studio52 was started with traditional content requirements, but now it has evolved to become a creative agency offering services to different niches. Studio52 has worked with famous international brands like SNOC, Weatherford, Etisalat, ADCB, and various others. By working with them as a professional team, Studio52 has offered solutions with creativity and perfection. Studio52 achieves a good balance of creativity and skill by correctly executing the plans, ensuring that an excess of either does not harm the projects. Positioned as a renowned video production firm Studio52 has also been able to get into top content providers in the MENA region. 

Studio52 has unquestionably established itself as the top creative firm. Based on the firm’s progress, the
GoodFirms team contacted Studio52’s CEO, Moiz Saeed, to learn more about the company’s specialized services and the idea behind them. Beginning with the GoodFirms interview, Saeed explained that Studio52 is a video/audio/photo production company that focuses on providing services to industries such as finance, banking, construction, transportation, education, and others. As a CEO, Saeed is mostly concerned with strategy, finance, and operation sectors. Saeed further goes on elaboration that his firm works as a business partner for clients by strategizing about the process in-house. As a CEO, he is always working towards the mission to expand it as a global company. 

Moving on with the interview, Saeed explained to the team why he decided to build this company in the first place. Studio52 began as a film production and television commercial agency in 1977, he mentioned. Saeed’s father was the founder of Studio52 and after completing his schooling, Saeed became fully immersed in the business. That is when he found the opportunity to create corporate videography, 2D & 3D animation, time-lapse videography, and industrial photography. Besides these core services, Saeed also added that Studio52 has also ventured into three more businesses that cater to specific customer needs. They have successfully managed all the business, dealing with their problems, yet Studio52 remains the pivot of their group.  Explaining his firm’s business model,  he says Studio52  works with a hybrid model in which they work internally but outsource some portion of the work. 

Since Studio52 owns a state-of-the-art studio, the creative work like the production and creativity is done by their in-house professionals. By doing so, they ideate the most innovative strategies to deliver services. At the same time, the task that is generic and nontechnical Studio52 outsources that work to third-party vendors.

Studio52 can be the best video production partner for offering safety video, corporate video, animation videos, live streaming, etc. The firm has tapped into the right opportunity by creating the right video to generate brand awareness that suits businesses. Plus, to make sure the videos can generate revenues by upgrading to the latest technologies.

The videos developed by the firm is done by following a total of seven processes:

  1. Study & source material
  2. Writing script
  3. Post-production
  4. Understanding objective
  5. Creating concept
  6. Film
  7. Delivering projects

With expertise, knowledge, and creativity, the firm can showcase its talent to tell a story by creating a video. With high speed and unique videos, they have created various videos and brought customers closer to the stakeholders. The more than a decade of experience applied by the video development team has helped Studio52 to cross milestones in delivering videos. Thus, for working on their forte evenly, Studio52 is ranked as one of the top video production companies in UAE at GoodFirms.

The creativity of Studio52 is not limited to just video production, but they are equally experienced in photography because they have a proper understanding of the visual experience. Due to the increased demand for audiovisual experience, it is crucial to provide remarkable quality photography for marketing purposes for clients. 

The firm manages to address their individual clients’ needs by offering aerial, event, industrial, and 360 photography. With a simplified approach, they provide a range of services for various industry verticals. Additionally, Studio52 has developed photography services with a high skill set by adapting to the clients’ business needs. The following five approaches are adopted by Studio52 to offer photography services:

  • Creative sketching and brainstorming with the expert
  • Setting up the requirement as per the calendar
  • Right setup for great image capturing
  • Visual editing after photography
  • Delivering dynamic and high-quality services

Liana Khalaf, a satisfied client, rated Studio52 Arts for their outstanding work. The detailed review can be read below.

Studio52 - Client Review

Studio52 have mastered the art of photography by applying their skillset and offering services as per the needs of their clients. Hence, for delivering unique yet dynamic photos, Studio52 is ranked amongst the top photography agencies at GoodFirms.

After reading the brief interview about the CEO of Studio52, Moiz Saeed, one can read the detailed interview in this link. 

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Studio52’s Deliverables are Spot On, Says CEO, Moiz Saeed

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