5 Reasons Why your IVR Should be Multilingual

09 April , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
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IVR is an outstanding business tool, a receptionist working tirelessly around the clock. It will give information and solve issues for your clients, saving valuable time for your executives. You might still be thinking about getting one, in that case, you can take a look at the reasons why it’s essential to your business. It’s likely that you already have an IVR system in place. The question is, are you getting the most out of it?

If your IVR system offers only one language, the answer is almost certainly no. Unless your business is strongly confined to your country, you should use a multilingual IVR. If you don’t service even tourists, you might want to stay to your a single language. Now, if you want to improve the chances of penetrating international markets, a multilingual IVR should be a priority. Here’s why.

1. Make Your IVR More Accessible


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40% of the world’s population speaks a single language. By using a monolingual IVR system, you’re immediately excluding more than a third of the world from your universe of consumers. An inclusive strategy will drive your business forward, when was the last time you had “too many” clients? Sure, it’s not likely that you’ll get calls from all over the world. Choose the languages from those most likely to call.

2. Gain Extra Empathy

Using native speakers for your IVR recordings will make callers with the same nationality feel welcome. They will instinctively trust your brand more, appreciate the personalized touch, and seamlessly understand your message. User satisfaction is key for a successful IVR system, the clarity of the message plays a cornerstone role there.

3. ID Callers to Define the Language


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A multilingual IVR system will automatically choose the right language depending on the source of the call, that means your system won’t be cluttered with the extra languages. Users will hear their native tongue right from the start, thus reducing the bounce rate.

4. Global Penetration

Penetrating international markets is not always easy. You need some ambassadors to try your products and spread the word. For that you’ll need an expensive marketing campaign, you don’t want those leads bouncing because they didn’t understand your IVR language. Quality of customer service is crucial to get user recommendations, a few happy callers could translate into a whole new market for your business.

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5. Eliminate the Language Barrier



A good number of callers will have your language as a second tongue. While there are people that speak other languages with perfect fluidity, a lot more have a regular understanding of your language. They might have trouble actually using your IVR. Making your system available on their native tongue will eliminate the language barrier, the means more success for your IVR system.

These are just some of the reasons you should use a multilingual IVR system. Now, if you still have doubts schedule a free consultation today, CALL NOW +971-4-454-1054. We are happy to answer your questions. You can also visit one of our offices: https://studio52.tv/contact/

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5 Reasons Why your IVR Should be Multilingual

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