Is it really difficult to take a profitable decision after knowing these facts..???

18 October , 2016 by Rashida Saeed
decision making

Every time a guest or potential guest interacts with your facility, on the phone, online, or onsite, they’re on a journey with your organization. With today’s technology, you have the opportunity to control and influence that journey every step of the way, to promote your facility, build your brand, and grow your business. Let us show you how.

There are 3 main avenues of commerce into just about every business: Your front door, the Internet and your phones. All are important, but the “telephone” is possibly the most overlooked gateway to your success. Phone time presents an ideal opportunity to escalate sales. Effective telephone hold messages improve business by communicating the latest and greatest to a captive audience already interested in your services.

decision making

Have Fun!

Who says on hold messages have to be dull? Try one of these techniques to bring a little cheerfulness to your patient callers:

  • Play off the current season. Spring cleaning. Summer vacation. Fall sports. Holiday and New Year’s Day. In content marketing it’s called an editorial calendar. What’s coming with the change of seasons?
  • What callers don’t know? Introduce a really cool fact about your company that might raise an eyebrow (or two). You’ll boost your hold message’s entertainment value while making the audio more memorable.
  • Voices and sounds. Mix male and female voices in a conversation.

Voicemail: The last link in the telephone voice recording chain.

A voicemail prompt invites your customers to leave a message so that you can get back to them during regular business hours.

Voicemail is helpful to have because it acts as a personal secretary, recording your customer’s name, phone number and the reason why they called.  With this information, you can follow up with an interested person and meet their needs appropriately.

How does your hotel sound?

Think about it….often in the hotel industry, the first impression of your hotel or resort is when a potential guest calls your property. At On Hold Marketing & Communications, we work with you to understand your particular brand and create an effective Telephone on Hold marketing campaign that will captivate your potential guests.

For almost 40 years, we have worked with hotels and resorts around the world.


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Is it really difficult to take a profitable decision after knowing these facts..???

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