Using Drones for Real Estate: Benefits, Use Cases and ROI

07 February , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
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Welcome to the talk of the land! Today, we are going to discuss real estate, the industry that has gone through drastic changes in the past few decades.

The competition in the industry is now at a cut-throat level. Why? Because the demand for real estate has been on the rise, thanks to the increase in population growth, employment opportunities, income levels, interest rates, and access to capital. 

Technology definitely tops the list of all the factors responsible for revolutionizing the real estate world. Most people don’t have the time to visit a premise personally. Plus, nobody wants to rely on a few regular pictures when buying real estate. Therefore, real estate agents and companies have to adapt to new technological methods to grow.

Drones are currently the hot new trend in the real estate industry. Let’s see what they are and how they contribute to real estate development. 

What is a Drone?

Drones refer to unmanned aerial vehicles controlled through software embedded into them. They have two primary functions: flight and navigation. Initially used in the military, these high-tech devices are now being availed in real estate and other industries around the globe. 

Why Use Drones in Real Estate?

A real estate drone video service provider captures exceptional videos (also pictures, multiple overhead map images, 360-degree panoramas, and much more) of properties from different aerial angles and dimensions. A real estate agent can close a deal much faster than before with the help of a real estate drone video.

Drones are now an integral part of both residential and commercial real estate.

  • Residential real estate: Homes are a big deal for everyone; it’s not easy to choose a house, an apartment, or even an area to live in. Extensive and detailed photos and videos help residential property clients make better decisions. 
  • Commercial real estate: Commercial estate agents can benefit even more from a real estate drone video service provider. Why? Because commercial estates are usually larger. It’s difficult (almost impossible) to show their complete view without a real estate drone video. These videos are made at higher angles, helping agents sell a commercial property faster.

Want to know how a real estate drone video production can grow your real estate business by leaps and bounds? Continue reading the benefits, use cases, and ROI of using drones below.

Use Cases

Here are two basic ways a real estate agent can use a drone video service:

 1. Market Real Estate Properties

Drones offer amazing features that can help you market the properties under your contract with more success. 

Are you tired of giving your clients a tour of multiple properties to close a deal? Why not hire a real estate drone video service provider to record a high-resolution video covering the space? Virtual tours are convenient for both you and the clients. 

Plus, drones also help you create 3D models of your properties, giving your clients a completely interactive experience before they decide to buy. Moreover, real estate clients will also love the dynamic aerial photos of your property captured by a professional real estate drone video service. 

2. Inspect Real Estate Properties

As a real estate agent, you need to inspect properties carefully for real estate development. There are a lot of factors you have to consider like nearby streets, roads, architecture, etc. Inspection becomes easier and more accurate through a real estate drone video captured by a real estate drone video service provider. In fact, these aerial videos have proven to be more helpful in choosing good locations for business than visiting them in person. 


Hiring a real estate drone video service may be one of the best decisions for your real estate business. Continue reading to know why.

1. Proves to Be Economical

Aerial photography has existed for decades now (people have even clicked photos from hot air balloons). Before drones, capturing aerial photographs and videos involved the use of a helicopter, manned by a pilot and the photographer. This was obviously much more expensive. Drones are lighter in weight, and they don’t need a whole crew to get the job done. 

Conclusively, drones are a more practical option for real estate agents. They can easily save cost, time, and effort by using this profound technology. 

2. Provides Advanced Features 

Drones are not just your regular way of clicking pictures or making videos. They are fully equipped technological devices designed to streamline your workflow digitally. For example, you start by clicking a picture through a drone. After that, you can instantly review the pictures on your phones for quality control. Then, you can upload those pictures and videos to a cloud server system directly. Also, a live video feed allows you to check the quality of a virtual tour being captured and change the controls accordingly.

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Return on Investment

You can call drones a low-risk, low-cost, and high-yield venture for real estate agents.

Let’s talk about their performance first. Real estate agents experienced a 73% increase in sales in the past by using drones. Plus, they were able to close 68% more deals with real estate drone videos. Do you know what these figures mean? They clearly indicate that drones are already a huge success in the real estate world.

Now, let’s talk about the cost. Although drones can be a bit on the expensive side, they are still more economical than other aerial photography methods. However, you would still need investment and training to buy a drone and use it the right way. Therefore, we suggest you hire a professional drone video service provider like Studio52 – Media Production Company (based in UAE & Saudi Arabia) to record a high-definition real estate drone video at a great cost. 


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Using Drones for Real Estate: Benefits, Use Cases and ROI

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