The “Being Abundant” Marketing Strategy and On Hold Messages Script

27 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
The “Being Abundant” Marketing Strategy and On Hold Messages Script

Being Abundant Marketing Strategy

The perfect opportunity to promote your business, company, products or services is when your callers are on hold. Referred to as the “Being Abundant” strategy, it implies that your business can generate more dividends by directly enhancing user experience and customer satisfaction. It presents a chance to share general tips and content that will capture the attention of your callers.

You should not exceed the waiting time of your callers to more than five minutes. Queue announcements can also be introduced after the “message before answering”. The waiting announcement is immediately cut afterwards.

Hold messages keep your callers interested, and reduce dropped calls. We want to share some additional message script examples to help your business “be abundant” and increase customer satisfaction. 

Sample On Hold Messages Scripts-Industry Specific

We are presenting some industry-specific On Hold Messages Scripts here. We are sure this will be a helpful resource for you, and you can customise it according to the needs of your business.

  • For General Business

We are your principal source of high-quality products and excellent services. We are conveniently located (include business address) and are here to serve you from Monday-Friday between(mention business hours). You can visit our website for more information (include web address).

  • For Pathology Business

As part of our lifelong commitment to customer service, we have introduced our Quality Assurance Lab Program. Our clinics have modern equipment to test for any pathological samples. We work with premier hospitals in the city, and one of our representatives will be happy to tell you more about it in just a moment.

  • For Hotel Telephone Greeting

With an offering of 300+ suites and guest rooms, we are providing you with the perfect getaway for a family vacation or the selected venue for your next business meeting or conference. Please visit our website for more information. One of our hotel customer service agents will be in touch with you soon!

Situation Specific On-hold Messages Scripts Ideas

The primary purpose of your on-hold message is to share the information that will be helpful to people wishing to use your services, purchase your products, services or visit your shop, store or showroom.

We are sharing some more template scripts that you can use for your business by customising information in brackets.

-Announcing a Business

“(On hold Messaging Direct)is the principal supplier (telephone messages, including IVR, marketing messages and music-on-hold). Based out of Dubai, we have been in this business since(mention year)and pride ourselves in providing (a quality professional service).

– Location and Time

If your business has a store or showroom, share details. For example

“Visit our store, located 2 minutes from Sobha Ivory 2, Business Bay, Dubai. We are open from Sunday-Thursday from 9 am-5 pm. We have a free car park and have parking bays for the disabled and wheelchair access to the whole store. Visit our website for further driving directions and more information(include web address).”

– Sharing Product Information

You can share your business’s products and services information with your callers. The catch is to provide information and not be too pushy about sales. People tend to switch off if they feel that you are hard selling to them.

“ We have an extensive range (tiles) from (ceramic tiles) to (stone tiles). We offer ( brand name 1, brand name 2, brand name 3) and many more.”

– Sharing Warranty Information

You can share information with your customers on Warranties of products they buy from you. For example,

“We assure you, all our household (items)carry a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. Furthermore, our experts offer the perfect advice to you to select the right (items)for your New Home. Come and visit us. We are located 2 minutes from Sobha Ivory 2, Business Bay, Dubai. We are open from Sunday-Thursday from 9 am-5 pm. See our website(include website address)for directions to the store.”

– Sharing Brand Identity Information

You can communicate to your callers about the kinds of partners your business works with or other companies who collaborate with you. It will help them to identify who they will be talking with and how that can help them. For example

“We are the selected partner for the (interior decoration industry)and welcome enquiries from( hotels, residential realtors, commercial realtors, resorts, private homeowners, guest houses). We provide everything from (tiles)to (false ceilings).

– Sharing Social Proof

Businesses can communicate that they are getting great reviews or have lots of followers on their social media handles with their callers. For example- 

“Please follow on Twitter and like on Facebook, where we share our latest updates and offers. We are currently on 1.5m likes and shares and post valuable information regularly.

You are with the experts with (Your Company). We have crossed 1.2M subscribers on YouTube.”

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The “Being Abundant” Marketing Strategy and On Hold Messages Script

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