4 Mistakes People make When using Radio Ads for Promotions

22 November , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
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Radio channels are effective advertising platforms where you can promote your business, products and services. But making radio commercials is not an easy task and you need to hire professional radio commercial services like Studio52 to record the best radio campaign.

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However, business owners often complain that radio commercials cannot provide them the best ‘return on investment’ and they do not opt for radio ads for any promotional campaign. However, this happens due to certain errors we may make while making the radio ad. Here are four common mistakes people often make when using radio ads and the probable solutions to avoid such mistakes in future:

  1. Don’t add your phone number in your radio commercials because most customers listen to ads on their smartphones and they cannot jot down your number while they are travelling. Instead of giving phone numbers, you can add more information such as website name, mobile app and your business address in the radio commercials.

  2. Radio ads productions are very difficult. You should try to make your radio ads concise and clear. Have you ever heard any radio commercials with lots of prices and product features? People generally don’t concentrate on radio commercials for more than 30 to 60 seconds, and it is suggested to remove all price tags form your ads. Make it short and crisp with relevant information such as discount offers, and your customers are intelligent enough to understand the rest.

  3. Sometime companies include long descriptions about their location such as landmark, full address with pin code and free parking facility etc. This is a mistake because listeners do not have the time to listen to long stories on the radio, and their full attention span Is not there. Your radio commercial should be quick and interesting. You can make a quick mention of your location with a landmark, and mention your website address, which people can look up to know more about your business.

  4. Remove all clichés from your radio commercials. Old radio ads used to include many features such as best prices, customer service, storewide savings, a note about the company etc. However, these days people do not have the time to listen to so many features. Do not add such irrelevant information in your radio ads and try to make it informative.

To help you create the best radio ad, , you should hire a reliable radio ad production company like Studio52. They will make a relevant ad for you, which will make your company stand out and will also help bring you new clients and customers.

If your business is based in Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar, then you should get in touch with reliable radio commercial services to give a proper voice to your brand.


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4 Mistakes People make When using Radio Ads for Promotions

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