Video Strategy: GL Events – Unique Equestrian Choreography

05 October , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Video Strategy: GL Events - Unique Equestrian Choreography

Video is an excellent way to document your events and capture your audiences’ attention. It’s an immersive experience that draws people in and is a great tool to boost your social media presence. Even the stats show that great video content is an essential part of today’s digital marketing. 

 Users retain 95 percent of a message when conveyed over video (Insivia, 2016).

 By watching a brand’s video, 83 percent of consumers stayed longer while browsing web pages (Wyzowl, 2021).

A well-planned video strategy can have the impact you desire. Videos can be used to educate, raise funds or tell an untold story. Therefore, it’s important to have proper documentation of your cultural event. 

We all know that great photos and videos help to maximize the impact of any event by sharing it with those who couldn’t be there. But getting those great images and video clips isn’t always easy. Here’s an interesting project we undertook a few years ago.

GL Events – Unique Equestrian Choreography

Visually stunning, sensitive, and, yes, four-legged, horses make rewarding dance partners but very difficult to capture. This was a unique event produced by GL events, Middle East. As a tribute to horses, which are an essential aspect of Emirati heritage, every year a show is put up in which the famous Lusitano horses with blue eyes and the equerries of the National Equestrian Academy of Versailles demonstrate all their virtuoso skills.

For this event, we captured a time-lapse video of all the necessary facilities being installed at the venue like the tents, show arena, the training paddock, lighting, sound, etc. We also captured high-quality images of the whole set for sharing with the media.

Capturing the enchanting theatrical performance featuring 30 horses from The National Equestrian Academy of Versailles was a unique experience. The film included a quick time-lapse of the preparation of the venue, the magical performance, interviews of the horse riders who participated in the choreography, and shots of the footfall for the event.

Would you like to capture stunning video content for your business at the Dubai Expo 2020 this year?

If yes, then it is important to effectively plan before shooting a video. And a good place to start with is by defining the goals of the video. You need to think about:

  • what message you want to convey, 
  • who is it for, 
  • where people will be viewing your video, 
  • and what the desired outcome of the video is. 

After you answer some of these questions, you will get a clear idea of the type of video you want. Based on that you can hire a video production agency to work with you. You can build a schedule for the production, post-production, and release of your video content. Having a plan would help you stay on track with your video projects. It doesn’t mean you need to have a detailed shot list for your video, but it helps if you know what kind of videos you want especially in a global event like Dubai Expo 2020. As the event is going to be there for six months, you can capture all kinds of corporate videos for your present and future usage such as promo videos, live streaming, behind-the-scene, etc. Having a goal in mind therefore will help you focus on your video plan.

Why Choose Us?

Documenting an event is not only about taking spectacular photos and videos. It can also prove to be useful for keeping a record of the things that were successful about an event and the things that went well. With information like this, it’s easier to plan subsequent activities.

At Studio52 we offer video shooting services for corporate parties, webinars, cultural events, team building events, large-scale concerts, art events, and others. Our filming crew uses modern video equipment, professional audio recorders, microphones, portable studios, and additional lighting for perfect recording quality. We also offer a multi-camera setup that makes it possible for us to obtain professionally spectacular shots, add dynamics, volume to the video sequence, and increase the expressiveness of the video.

When you need to make an impression, you need professionals with the vision to make it a reality. Our film crew from Dubai has shot more than hundreds of videos for events, conferences, and performances delivering that right impression each time.
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Video Strategy: GL Events – Unique Equestrian Choreography

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