4 Effective Ways to Make Your Video Go Viral

09 February , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
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How can I make my video go viral? It’s an easy question to ask, with a fairly simple answer but it’s very complicated to apply. Nowadays, video is the most valued content for the Internet audience.  It’s very susceptible to being shared, it’s attractive, and it’s direct. If you’re interested, we’ve covered this extensively in this article: Video is the Game Changer in Marketing! 

As a video gets more views, it also scales positions in Google Ranking system. Viral videos have existed for a long time, even before the existence of YouTube. With time the knowledge obtained from videos going viral has been analyzed to apply them to video marketing goals. How can one video go viral but others don’t? We know the variables of that success, the problem is that there are many and they vary. However, some tips will make your life easier if you want to make your video go viral. These are the 4 ways to make your video go viral.

  1. Identify Your Sources

Where do viral videos come from? The first thing that might come to mind is that they come from the most popular video website: YouTube. However, this isn’t always the case. Sure, a great number of videos are posted there but the origin of going viral usually comes from other sources. Sources like influencers, websites like Reddit, forums like 4chan, and other communities with great power. They’re powerful because of their large number of users that consume and share content. You have to keep all of this in mind when you’re starting to market your content. You have to know which entities are going to make it easier for you to make your videos popular. If you’re curious about which are the most popular video websites, check out this article: Top 15 Most Popular Video Websites.

  1. Good Scheduling

It’s important to know that you’re not going to make your video go viral overnight. It needs some time to be consumed, evaluated and shared. If the content is susceptible enough to going viral then, it’ll happen in a short time but it still won’t be instantaneous. Maximizing this advantage is essential because the longer your video is shared on websites, the more chances it has of becoming popular. We recommend you post your videos on a Monday or Tuesday. Videos are usually seen during work hours. so posting them on those days will leave you with the rest of the week as a consumption and distribution window. 

  1. Would You Share It?

The competition is fierce out there. Everybody is trying to put their videos on top. You have to create content that impacts the audience, hooks them until the end, and inspires them to share it. When you have the script of your video, ask yourself if you like it, if you’d share it and if your audience would share it. A trick to achieve all of this is to touch the emotional side of your audience. Use storytelling to give a tone of anger, happiness, emotion, and endearment to your content. Challenge the audience positively with your videos.

  1. Less is More

Viral videos are short by definition. At first, they were 30-second spots and if we analyze current viral videos they don’t reach the minute and a half mark. This is three times more than what they used to last but they’re still short. In any case, one minute should be enough to impact the audience.

Remember that there’s no learning without mistakes. It’s more than likely that your first tries to make your videos go viral will be unsuccessful. But don’t worry, you just have to keep learning and keep trying until you come up with something amazing. If you want to learn more about topics like this, please visit us at Studio 52.


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4 Effective Ways to Make Your Video Go Viral

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